Putrefaction Sets In (19.06.22)

Good day or night gentlemen! Hope you`re doing well and all of you have your favorite drinks, hehe))). Let`s start with a monumental question: what is a Putrefaction Sets In (small history part if you please)?

Anderson: Hi Alex, how it’s going mate? Thank you for the opportunity to Putrefaction Sets In talks to Good Guys Goo Grind! PSI is an international Gore Grind band formed in 2018 for good friends that went to Grind for several years ago lol. The idea is simple, join the friends to play what we most love, Grind Core into early Carcass and Napalm Death style!
Urban: Couldn’t have said it better myself – it’s a chance to play your favourite music with some nice people. And as for the concept – it’s really all about how and when putrifaction starts in a carcass. Which is a fascinating thing. Maybe not the most unique idea/theme for a goregrind band, but the idea behind Putrefaction Sets In isn’t really about being unique (or faster/gorier than other bands) – it’s about playing what you enjoy playing. And hopefully some people out there will enjoy listening to just that!

Who was the initiator of this project? Who embodied this sick idea to life? And what is the main purpose of it?

Anderson: Back in 2007/2008, the initial idea started with me and André, as a project between Expurgo and Lymphatic Phlegm, when Expurgo played for the first time at the Splatter Night gig organized by André in Joinville/SC, southern Brazil. We just wanted to find someday to play some songs from classic bands like Dead Infection, Impetigo and Olho Seco, nothing serious or with the intention to be this band of today. An idea that never happened, only in 2016 we talked about this again when Phil wrote some songs that would be perfect to this project, so André brought that name, and we started thinking about recording one day… The band really came to life in 2018 when Expurgo did their first European tour and we played in Obscene Extreme Festival, and we had the opportunity to meet Urban in person. I had been in contact with Glenn for many years and we started talking about this project, I decided to invite them, who liked the idea. So, PSI becomes an international band, with a concept like Defecation, since then we wrote an album that was recently released. But this band happened by chance, it was nothing organized or planned lol.
Urban: Sometimes things just make a lot of sense. I saw Expurgo playing at OEF (they were great) and when we met backstage we realized we had the same taste in music etc. I never thought about having an “international project/band” before this really, but … it made a lot of sense! I realized there is always room for some more goregrind and/or grindcore in my life.
Glenn: Anderson and I had toyed with the idea of doing a sort of long-distance project for a little while in our earlier correspondence and perhaps inviting some people to join us, but it never really materialized, so to speak. I think I may have even mentioned it to Urban years ago if memory serves. It wasn’t until Urban met the Expurgo guys in person at Obscene Extreme, that I think things really started to take form so far as the international aspect of it is concerned. It’s a little convoluted how everything came together, but I’m very happy that it did and in the way that it did! I’m extremely excited about this project, as one of the things that drew me to the underground was the international/global aspect of it. As a young man, one of the greatest feelings was getting a new demo tape in the mail from someone I’d been in contact with on the other side of the planet. Back then it wasn’t so easy and the world seemed like a much larger place than it does currently. You had to really work for it then. The internet was in its infancy and most of the time, you had to hand-write letters and send actual cash to people in the post. I had contact with people all over the place on nearly every continent back then. I still have contact with some of those people.

To be honest, when I saw the line-up I was surprised, Putrefaction Sets In gathered together so many nice people! Could you introduce the whole gang, please?

Anderson: Ha Ha Ha! Yes! We have a nice gang of good old boys to bludgeoning the ears and kick some asses! So, we have on the rusty saw-mill guitars: Philipe Belisário (Expurgo) and Urban Skytt (Regurgitate/General Surgery…), on the 1,300 Volts fuzzy bass: Glenn Sykes (Regurgitate/General Surgery…), on the exhumation and autopsy procedures: André Luiz (Lymphatic Phlegm/Offal) and myself on bone drumsticks. That´s it!

So you decided to starts everything with a big recording, you decided to release a whole album! Could you tell us a bit about the “Repugnant Inception of Decomposing Paroxysm”?

André: Yes, when we started working on the songs we decided that we would make a full-length album, especially due the studio costs to record the drums, guys’ available time and since we already had enough tracks/lyrics and the right running time for that, so it was really the best option. Before start to work on the 2nd album we’re planning to do some split releases, just some few ones! We’re currently working on some new tracks and it’ll be probably recorded later this year!
Urban: They already had some tracks ready from before and I liked what they sounded like and thought I could try making a few tracks maybe and then we could do a demo etc … but in the end it we got enough tracks – and good tracks (if you ask me) – to make a full length album – so why not go for it!

I`m very curious about the creating process. You`re located on different continents, how do you manage to put everything together, wrote songs, recorded it, and mixed all the material, and don’t fucked up?)

André: Really there’s no nothing special on it! Urban, Phil and Glenn usually make the whole songs. So, the songs are sent to the group and we start working together. When it’s practically done, Anderson and Phil rehearse together the whole thing (By the way, they are the only ones who can do that!), I would love to join them but Curitiba is very, very far from Belo Horizonte but someday it’ll work! Well, when finished I work on the vocals with Phil and when ready, it’s OK to be recorded. Everyone records their part, send everything to Phil and then we mix/master the whole thing.
Urban: We made some rough demos with ideas – I just write some sketch with a drum machine usually. And when the actual album drum tracks were ready we could start recording bass and guitars – I recorded my guitar in my home studio. The real magic happened when everything came together in the mix with the vocals. That’s the first time we could hear how the end product would be. Modern recording equipment certainly gives you a lot of freedom in the recording process!

I know that all of you love physical formats, so obviously, this album will be released by some labels. So who are these lucky ones?

André: Yesss… Album will be out on all possible physical formats. It’s already out now on CD (Black Hole Productions/BRA) and cassette (Selfmadegod Records/POL) and the LP version will be out late this year via F.O.A.D from Italy. The CD will be also released in Japan (Obliteration Records) and there’s also a second cassette version to be out soon (Gurgling Gore/USA – Black Hole Productions/BRA). As you can see, we’re trying to do the releases spread all over the world. This was the most effective way for everyone to have access to the whole physical formats, saving some money from the utterly expensive nowadays postage rates.

Let’s decapitate a visual part of this work. Who is the creator of this massive painting? And were the 3 main emotions that you felt when you saw this work for the first time? And who drew that sick logo?

André: Our logo was made by the great and well-known Pierre de Palmas (De Plasma Industries) from France. That time we needed a logo that truly represented the band’s name and only he could give us this final result. We loved it to DEATHHH, he really did a fantastic job, exactly and just what we needed! About the cover artwork, it was made by Pedro Felipe (Ars Moriendee) from Belo Horizonte/MG. He’s an old friend of the Expurgo’s guys, especially Phil. We wanted to do something different from what we’ve seen lately into Gore Grind and he managed to perfectly execute the idea of the cover artwork. It has a direct relationship with the band’s name and especially with the lyrics and theme content. We’re very, very satisfied with the whole result, many people commented very well on the cover and we’ll probably do some other future release with another Pedro’s artwork.

Time to get in our Delorian car, ha! Do you remember you first merch you were wearing in school? Was it Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, or something else?)

Anderson: Nice question buddy! My very first t-shirt it was Metallica (Garage Days), and the second one was Sepultura (Arise) that I bought in my first live show, Sepultura – Arise tour 92’ in Belo Horizonte. 🙂
Urban: I think that would have been Iron Maiden. I listened to hard rock/metal since I was 6 years old, but my mother wouldn’t let me wear metal shirts to school since she thought I would get my assed kicked if I did … haha! But I know I had some Maiden shirt on a school photo when I was 12, so sometime before that I guess she calmed down about the shirts But the first merch I actually owned … would have been with Kiss.
Glenn: The first metal shirt I remember wearing to School would have had to have been Anthrax….., but then I also had a Slayer shirt around that same time, so it may well have been that one. It’s difficult to remember. That was a VERY long time ago ha ha!

Guys, what about distribution methods? What’s the most effective in your opinion?

André: It’s running great, Fernando of Black Hole did a great job on it with the CD distribution worldwide. There’s some good amount of labels/distros distributing it on USA and Europe and many people usually order straight from Black Hole. Due the postage rates, Fernando usually does some good deals, so people can add other Black Hole’s releases on a single order paying the same postage rate. Sooner or later the CD will be also available in Japan, so people from Asia will have a good way to get it too! Of course, if worldwide postage rates weren’t so expensive, we could have more people distributing the stuff all over the world especially in other countries from Latin America and even Oceania.

I know that you finished recording everything before New Year, but what`s about 2022? Do you have a band`s to-do list for this year?)

André: 2022 is the year to hugely promote the debut album and to work on the whole physical versions. It may not seem but it really takes a lot of time as there are a lot of details that need to be solved out regarding the artworks, labels… Recently, one the labels that would release one of the cassette versions simply DISAPPEARED, so we had to re-arrange the whole details right again with a new one, sometimes it’s so stressful! Anyway… Besides taking care of these upcoming releases, there aren’t many other plans for this year besides working on these new songs for some possible split releases in 2023.
Urban: Yeah, I think new songs and lyrics are coming along quite nicely, but there is still some work before we are ready to record again.
Glenn: We’ve been in contact with a few bands about doing some splits in the future. I’m very happy about this as well. Another thing I’ve always enjoyed about the underground grindcore scene; the camaraderie & cooperation between different bands on split releases.

Last one, thanks again for agreeing to do this interview, and please use this space for any final words, unasked questions, and thoughts…

Anderson: Thank you very much for the opportunity to talk a little bit about Putrefaction Sets In to Good Guys Go Grind my friend! Sorry for our delay… Also, thanks to everyone who has supporting us. Take care!
Urban: Thanks for your time! Take care …
Glenn: Thank you for the interview and my apologies for taking so long to reply 😉

Contacts: putrefactionsetsin@gmail.com / Facebook / Bandcamp / Instagram

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