Pharmacist – Carnal Pollution

If you miss good deathgrind music, this review is for you. Because today we will talk about the last EP from Japanese death masters Pharmacist! In just one year, the guys have risen to a very high position in the world noise charts. But that is not because of the hype or luck, that is a result of really hard work. “Carnal Pollution” is the 10th or 11th (sorry, if I`m wrong) work of this great squad. It contains only 4 songs of very decent material, and actually, this is the most metal record of Pharmacist (in my opinion of course). It would not be fair not to mention the fantastic cover art of this record. Excellent pathological gravures from old anatomical books, it`s a classical theme, but the result is still awesome. Also, we have a guest member in, it`s a guitar weirdo Andrew Lee (Houkago Grind Time / Ripped to Shreds / Skullsmasher), he made these tasty guitar solos.

Pharmacist exudes four unreleased and rotten miasmas from its repulsive death-gore body. They are full of hate, putrid riffs, and unbelievably ugly screams. As you all know these guys are huge fans of Carcass and Pathologist so like in previous works guys kept all important parts of the concept. The guitars on this album are wonderful, to say the least. They pack a serious punch and have a buzzing tone. I can’t complain about the bass too much, as I don’t hear most of it, like most death/gore releases it is overpowered by the guitars and drums. Drums sound a bit digital and cluttered, but I still love the result.
Carnal Pollution is nice and strong work, that deserves your attention.

Contacts: Pharmacist fb  /  Pharmacist bc

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