Embittered – Infected

Today we`re going to immerse in the history of English crust punk. 32 years ago a couple of guys from Middlesbrough gathered together and created Embittered. I`ll be honest, I never heard of this name, but Thomas of Power It Up rec recommended it to me, so I opened a youtube and started my investigation. A year later he released a full discography of this band in double vinyl format. I got a few old releases of that label and I perfectly know how that guy love to put together a lot of small details. Old punk discographies look so awesome, and this release is no exception. Bloody good cover, the artist made it in compliance with all the requirements of the genre. Inside you will find a label newsletter and huge booklet with band info, biography, old photos, lyrics, and many other lovely things. As for the music part, this record has all Embittered materials starting from 1989 – 1995, all demos, splits, 1 EP and someone even found a tape with the live recording (Discogs is silent about it btw). Altogether 31 songs of really old-school crust tunes!

Core to their sound consists of two parts, the slower kind of crust in the style of Amebix, Hellshock, and fast like Broken Bones, Doom. They took the most appropriate riffs from these bands and coupled them with a drummer that likes Motörhead and old hardcore punk. The earlier works (like demo tapes) have more slow tempos, split with legends Hiatus and the final EP are more aggressive. But this style of music is more about fury than throwing as many riffs as possible at the listener and I would say Embittered succeeded at creating very angry records.
If your heart beats more often because of the sound of double beat and raw riffs, if crust punk is not empty words for you then this discography simply must have!

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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