Bad Acid Trip – Taught To Fear

Bad Acid Trip are back! A veteran of the Los Angeles scene since 89, they have been from LA backyards, to the stage at Ozzfest and everywhere in between. Needless to say that this is a unique name among grindcore bands, unique because they were never afraid to experiment with the music. 7 years of silence and finally a fresh record! But this is not just a crazy cross-genre record, with this brand new album B.A.T. returned to their grind roots. The color palette of the cover “Taught To Fear” reminded me of an old poster for the movie Toxic Zombies, but I have doubt that that flick inspired the artist.

This full-length is weird in many ways, and as you know I love all weird, haha! I think, not many grind fans will dig this work because this is not straight grindcore as early Napalm Death, or nowadays Insect Warfare. This more chaotic side of the grind… That trio uses a lot of hardcore punk, crossover, and other genres. Let me be stoned, but this noise is bright and not boring, yes after a usual death metal or grindcore your mind will resist, but you will used to it after a song or two, haha! The bass sound has a pleasant jazzy taste, guitar tone has something from the early era of thrash metal, but with a more sharp and clean sound. The drums are nice too, but there is nothing outstanding. I think that the vocal is the most different part of this album because they used a 4 or even more kinds of screaming (crazy isn`t it?). And this story ends with a very punkish “Taught To Fear”, must admit it was a brilliant choice.
If you’re looking to get into Bad Acid Trip, id recommend their early demos and album and “Taught To Fear”!

Contacts: Bad Acid Trip fb  /  Bad Acid Trip  bc

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