Travølta ‎– Live at Grind The Nazi Scum

Grind The Nazi Scum gathering together a lot of great bands. This festival in Torgau (it`s a small town near Berlin) becoming bigger and bigger, every spring hundreds of people travel to the battlefield to see their favorite band and hang out with friends. In 2019 Belgium grind-violence maniacs Travolta played there, and they also recorded everything. That day boys played 19 songs, and now you have a chance to listen to them again and enjoy the atmosphere of a live performance without leaving your home.

What can I say, these guys really proved that they can grind the nazi scum, ha! I heard a lot of live records, and most of them were so so, but not this one. Travolta managed to save all live energy and emotions during the recording of this gig. The guitar and bass sound damn good, loud and aggressive vocal here as well, and don`t forget the drums! Guys did their best, this performance is fucking punchy! After the listening you will have only pleasant emotions, that gig was really sick!
Extremely good live LP! Strongly recommended!

Contacts: Travølta fb  /  Travølta bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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