Nak’ay / Hate For Humanity

Holly hell, they really did it again! We have here the US grindcore in its best form, god damn! I really believe that that continent has a lot of crazy and talented people. I won`t list these bands, you know them perfectly… but I want to draw your attention to Nak’ay / Hate For Humanity split LP. This shit is totally insane, both bands surprised and smashed me, there is so much hate and aggression in this record, fuck…

Nakay / Indiana. What a brutal mess we have here! What is powerful about this side is the quality of the record, every single riff is freaking good, the overwhelming guitars with pretty distorted by somewhat clean tuned sound, low and heavy bass with ton of distortion, lovely loud vocal, and a strong drum line with good sound!

Hate For Humanity / Los Angeles. This side is a bit crude, powerful, and unstoppable like a Godzilla, haha! I must add that this is a highly concentrated portion of hate and rage. The guys used all their negative emotions for this session. Guitars are pure punky dissonant riffs, there is not a joyful melody but pain and death. The vocal is so wicked and pissed off, I love it. Blast beats are fast, they could crash everything, but I can`t say that the music of Hate For Humanity is messy, every instrument can be completely heard.
This is a highly recommended record! If you`re in need to find a good dose of grindcore, this LP is number 1 for you!

Contacts: Nak’ay bc  /  Hate For Humanity bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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