Gruesome Stuff Relish + Offal

Sometimes we dig different releases from past years that are still actual and still badass. Split Gruesome Stuff Relish / Offal is already classic, two awesome bands that no need to introduce. Super lovely and cute design with zombies and a funeral atmosphere… Everything that we love so much in the music and arts of these two.

The first patients in this morgue are our old fellas Gruesome Stuff Relish! 4 songs of their brand gore won`t leave you indifferent. Good intros, tasty sound, riffs, and lyrics. Creepy vocal as always sounds good. GSR always does everything with love (i mean gore, hehe), and the listener feels it. All together the instruments create a wonderful and dreadful atmosphere. It feels like you’re in a horror movie and hundreds of the zombies are trying to catch you, ha!

The next guests in our cold home are Brazilian legends Offal. I think their music is very close to GSR, but it`s more metal-influenced. This music reminds me of the early years of bands like General Surgery and Carcass, but Offal are not clones at all. Guys have their own style, sound etc. But let`s get back to the music. There are only 3 tracks (actually two of them because Crypt Of Fulci is a synth tribute to the master) but all of them have bloody good riffs and guitar solos, a few kinds of vocals, and not bad drums. The last track is very long (7 minutes), but guys split it into two half with a super cool movie sampler between the parts.
So boys & girls, if you`re looking for a nice dose of gore/death zombie music, this CD is for you!

Contacts: Gruesome Stuff Relish fb / Offal fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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