Red – Golden Oath of Allegiance​/​Demo

Old school grindcore is still very popular in our underground scene, there are so many bands that are re-creating old riffs and blast beats, and today I want to present you with another good old school band. Red is a quartet from Osaka city (Japan), as you may have guessed guys really love the old-fashioned grind. And here is the thing, usually Japanese bands have their very own, specific style, but here we have something like a tribute to the roots. I really feel that guys are big fans of early Napalm Death, SOB, Brutal Truth, Groinchorn, and so on… But don`t get me wrong, that`s not bad at all!
So this CD contains 28 songs, you will find here a mini-album (Golden Oath of Allegiance), songs from Grind Osaka Compilation, Grind Bastards Compilation, Grind Bastards #2, and Demo 00. So you will hear all their material from day 1 till now.

The decision to start this loud madness with such a hypnotic intro was very right, but it can`t prepare the listener for these crazy songs. All tracks are short, fast, and full of violent power! Guys found a really perfect balance between fast structures and groovy moments. So when you listen to this album you`re not overloaded with blast beat mess. I think that the strongest part of this record is the vocal and drums. They sound especially evil and wicked! The whole atmosphere of this CD is amazing, it gives you so much energy…
Guys if you`re looking for some good grindcore release, give a chance to this lovely CD, you won`t be disappointed, GGGG promise you that!

Contacts: Facebook page

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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