Soiled Hate (23.02.22)

Hi guys! It`s a pleasure to make this small talk. How are you doing and what’s new in Soiled Hate camp?

Ryo: Nice to meet you. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.
Our first album is scheduled to come out in March, so we’re getting ready for it.

Сan you please introduce your band : how did you start, what is/was the line-up, maybe some other highlights?

Ryo: We are SOILED HATE.
Vo. O. Tatakau
Gt. Zamohfied
Ba. Hazuki
Dr. Ryo
We are a POWERVIOLENCE band made up of 5 members.
We released a demo in April 2019 with Ryø$uke, O. Tatakau, and myself, and then Hazuki and Zamohfied joined us.
We had our first show in November 2019.

Fo after the demo and split tape with Klonns you dared to record a full-length album. Please tell us about it? I heard one previous track and that was really great material!

Ryø$uke: The album is composed mainly of songs that we usually play live. The demos were played with the intention of doing traditional power violence, but as for the album, many of the songs were composed as we gradually grasped our own style, so they may have strong originality.
Ryo: The recording was done at Noise Room Recording Studio, which produces a lot of great hardcore music in Japan.

Honestly, the cover art of “The Nine Billon Names of Hate”, reminds me some works of Mind Of Asia… So why did you choose a flower of lotus?

O.Tatakau: mind of asian! I miss it! It reminds me of when I was in high school. Well, this design was made by the cover artist. The cover of our first demo was a flower. I guess it was created from the motifs linked to that demo’s art and the sound image. The lotus flower is a Buddhist motif, and the origin of the album title is also related to Buddhism, and I personally have some sympathy for such ideas.
In that sense, I guess you could say it’s an expression of my ‘mind of asian’.
Ryø$uke: It may not have a very deep meaning. There may be other members who find some kind of meaning in that jacket besides me.

If I remember right, Sandro of Regurgitated Semen rec proposed you release this LP. So what can you say about this deal and working with such a legendary label?

O.Tatakau: I’ve heard a lot of bands from RSR, Senseless Apocalypse, Sex Prisoner, PLF… It’s a shame because without covid19 we would have had a gig in Japan with Wojciech.
Ryø$uke: It’s a label that has released a lot of great stuff.
Hazuki: Thank you for giving us this kind of precious opportunity. I am very honored with this.

Always wanted to ask about the music culture of Japan. Do people buy music on physical formats? How many people go to live shows?

O.Tatakau: I use streaming services only for zapping for compositional inspiration. I can’t listen to music without the feeling of owning a record or CD. But my approach may be biased in the minority.
There are many people who go to live concerts, but I wish more new people would come.
Ryø$uke: Some people are satisfied with listening to music via streaming, while others prefer to listen to the same work in various media (for example, they have CDs, cassettes, and records), and I guess it’s not too different from people overseas. But my personal opinion is that most Japanese people prefer to listen to music via streaming. Maybe it has something to do with the size of the house.
Zamohfied: Yes, some people buy physical releases. Often 20 to 50 people come. I hope more people comd.
Hazuki: There are few person such as buy physical format around me. I feel that many people enjoy music on streaming and video sites.
There are several people who visit when I do live shows. In usual life,I feel that people who are interested in music go to live shows.

Your band name and album title scream about the hate… So what things do you hate the most?

O.Tatakau: I’m not good at thinking about things without my body, and in a way I think I don’t like it. I also think that the mere shells of conservatism should be exterminated from this world, in any field.
Ryø$uke: There are many things I don’t like, but the thing I dislike the most is people who get caught up in a common sense and don’t question things.
Zamohfied: Doomed to living.
Hazuki: Boring life.
Ryo: Totalitarian behavior and ideology itself.
Domination by empathy.

And what about stage-diving, do you like to jump off the stage yourself? Or are you a fan of staying to the side with a beer in your hand and enjoying the show?)

O.Tatakau: I like to feel my body moving in the music.
Ryø$uke: I don’t think I’m particularly particular.
Zamohfied: With beer. I don’t like dancing with hitting others.
Hazuki: I often enjoy gigs staying to the side. I don’t feel like I can’t concentrate when I’m drunk, so I don’t often hold beers during live shows.
The good thing about the venue is that you can feel the heat from performers in any way you listen to them.

When I listen to Soiled Hate, I swear I can literally touch the influence of old school hardcore in your music. What are your favorite hardcore and powerviolence bands? Who inspires you on creating such crazy songs?

O.Tatakau: My favorite Powerviolence albums are No Comment and the second Lack of Interest album. I also love Multiplex and especially Napalm Death after Barney joined. Not only that, but I think it’s my job at SOILED HATE to translate the visions I’ve seen through the music and creations I love so much into the vocabulary of 90s hardcore punk or grindcore.
Ryø$uke: I’ve listened to a lot of basic power violence like Crossed Out, Despise You, Spazz, Capitalist Casualties, and so on, and I think I’m very influenced by that. But I’ve also been influenced by a lot of music that’s not power violence.
Hazuki: I’m most influenced by metal sounds, but sure influenced by all the music genres I’ve listened to in my life.

Do you have a plan maximum for this year? Maybe a new recording or gig outside Japan?

Ryø$uke: I’d like to do a lot of gigs when the album is released, and I’d like to do a lot of gigs outside of Japan, but I don’t have any plans at the moment.
Hazuki: I hope there will be more opportunities to perform live in this year.I want to go and play if there is an opportunity.
Ryo: I’d like to do a lot of live performances in Japan and around the world.
I have many more ideas for other things I want to do, and I hope to do them little by little.

DIY movement is very important part of grindcore, punk, powerviolence, crust scene. How it manifests itself in Japan?

O.Tatakau: I think it’s great to be able to enjoy music without worrying about the market. There are a lot of bands that I find exciting. However, in the DIY scene, I think the most important thing is to be ‘alternative’, to have ‘options’, and I would like to see the DIY scene in Japan become more vibrant. I think that KLONNS, the band that we make split single with this time, embodies that attitude, and I respect them a lot.
Ryø$uke: I think it’s a difficult topic. My personal opinion is that I want more people to listen to my music than to make sales. Of course, there are many crust bands that do DIY work.
Zamohfied: I don’t care with scene so I don’t know. Personally I like to make some stuffs by myself.

Thank you so much guys! Can`t wait for your album! Any last words?

O.Tatakau: The album with the most heat in 2022 will be released. Turn up your giant speakers to max volume and listen! Enjoy!
Ryø$uke: Thank you. I hope you will listen to it a lot.
Hazuki: I hope it will be an album that you can listen to many times and it will have a good time for you.
Zamohfied: We’ll continue to release stuffs. Keep your eyes on.
Ryo: Thank you too.
I hope many people will listen to it, because I made a great sound.

Contacts: bandcamp page  /  instagram

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