Warstone – Absolute War: Total Discography 2017 – 2020

American grind underground is bright and different as fuck… There are a lot of big names, but most interesting (at least for me) are small bands. Today I want to present you a one-man band from New Bedford / Massachusetts. Warstone is a project of Trevor Vaughan, who is also playing in Internal Wound Man, XFilesX, and many more bands. This is a real hard worker, he generates tons and tons of new songs! Somehow Regurgitated Semen rec noticed his band and proposed he create this discography CD. All in all, we have here 63 tracks (holy shit) of pure brutality.

As I told you, this is a really savage grind, it even has an appropriate design with Conan (it really looks like him) warrior in the cover, ha! The riffs are fast and short, the vocal is loud and harsh. The bass is freaking heavy, and the drum machine is like a drum machine (nothing special ;)). By the way, the sound of a bass guitar is leading here, and that makes the whole sound more massive. Among fast blasting tracks, I found a lot of interesting sludge moments, with a dirty and dark atmosphere. Most of the songs are under one minute, and that`s why it is hard to catch all songs.
This grind has more than one side, fast grindcore for blast beats lovers, gloomy sludge for these people who love slower stuff, I found even breakdowns (just check the last EP). Let`s see what this guy will record this year!

Contacts:  Warstone bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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