Necrony – Severe Malignant Pustule

Last year was not only with new albums and splits, but it was also rich with top-natch re-issues! Unexpectedly I`ve got a fresh CD re-press of legendary demo “Severe Malignant Pustule”! This edition is fucking killer! New cover, 4-panel digipak, housed in super-cover (slipcase) with embossed band logo. But CD is absolutely another story, I know that such a format (with a clean part) is made only in Mexico (pard me if I’m wrong). This CD deserves to be in the collections of all Necrony fans, and I`m not joking!

Of course, the whole thing was remastered, remastered by master Dan Swanö! The result is incredible! The sound is still raw but it sounds more powerful now. Iconic “Masticator of a Swollen Carcass” has an even more evil and gloomy atmosphere, ha! Like in the original, the bass is taking a leadership position in the whole release, but the guitars still have their buzzing strength. Despite the fact that this is an old demo, the drums sound really great, you can easily catch all cymbal, bass, and snare drums. This is really solid work!

What can I say? This is a massive and iconic work which still actual nowadays!

Contact: Necrony fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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