Pulmonary Fibrosis (08,02,2022)

Hi Guyome, my friend, you won`t believe it but it`s been 8 years since our last interview. So what`s new happened with PxFx?

Hi Alex, ouch, that’s crazy how times fly. Well in 8 years lots of things happened, good and bad of course. Well we have played lots of shows, we have celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2018 and that was sick, we toured US/Canada for the first time, we were supposed touring Cuba but it was cancelled so we spent few days off and then toured again South America. We added new countries like Colombia & Ecuador, then played the regular ones like Chile, Argentina and Brazil. Unfortnuately the day after the US/Canada tour, Fred our guitarist/singer was found dead in his home, that was a fucking choke, we have lost Pascal in 2006 and then Fred, both were awesome person, we miss them so much. But life goes on, we are paying tribute to them every fucking day, they’re always with us. So after this sad episode in 2018 we had few shows and that South American tour, then we had more in Europe and finally ended as everyone in march 2020 due to the pandemic. We had great shows in UK, Switzerland and Austria during january and february of that year. Since then we have finally played shows in France and Spain, but we have also recorded our new album in summer 2020, together with few sessions for other splits. Then released few splits and still waiting for few others. Recently Marc of Meltaaargh !!! records released a one sided 12 « LP with the artwork done by Pierre (our ex-guitarist ,Vomi Noir, Blue Holocaust), he wrote a song that appear on the LP. Mixing and mastering was done by Alex from Bowel Leakage at the Gravestone studios and it sounds really cool. So now in 2022 we are still very busy with many new splits on the way and shows are coming back slowly.

Your new album “Pulmonologists” will be released next month. How much did you work on this record? Did you mix and mastered everything by yourself? I`m curious because I heard the first two songs, and both were killers!

Thanx a lot, Naru choose a song to spread the news about our new album, we wanted to spread a different one but he was like, so why not both and as they’re short he added them. So till then the feedback are pretty good and i think people will like the entire album, songs are kind of different and i really think all songs are great. I have mostly recorded drums alone during the first months of the pandemic and we had curfew so i had plenty of time. Then we were able to meet each other with Reno, our bassist, to practice and record in live situation as we usually do. Then i have added guitars which was more simple than drums. Vocals were recorded later the same year and ended in january 2021. As usual for the album, i just recorded the whole things, mixing and mastering process was done by our 5th member Jack (Bombanation/Mesrine) in Quebec (Canada), he know how we must sound & he’s a great friend since a longtime, so everything went fine.

As I see Mr. Luisma is the artist who draws this fabulous art… But the idea was yours, could you explain to us the concept behind this cover art?

Yeah once again Luisma was on board of course, Luisma is a PxFx member now and man who could have believe that ?? I never thought he could be interest to work with us, but he did awesome artwork for us since 2011. So the artwork was the idea … of Luisma, as well as the title album, yep hehe. For the first time i have draw a sketch and sent him what I had in mind, he asked me « do you have any idea of the album title ? » and of course i didn’t haha. So he was like «ok I have something in mind, i’ll let you know later». Then few weeks later he told me « why not Pulmonologists ?? That’s short and you always used long titles, so maybe it could works and I said yeah sure let’s go. Then few months later he came back to me and sent the actual artwork and I was like… ok that looks great but that’s really not what I had in mind and what my sketch looked like haha. But then he was like « look, I have tried your idea and it didn’t worked at all, so i did this one and it fits perfectly with Interstitial and Idiopathic albums. When you take a look at the other artwork, everything match together as a logical sequence and he was right, well we really love it, as usual he did an awesome job.

What are the main differences between working on this and the previous album you can highlight and why?

Recording was different because I recorded the drums alone for almost every songs, then a few ones were made as we usually does, Reno and I. But that’s also for the first time we recorded an album without guitarist, it’s pretty common I do everything or with only Reno and I now, but only for split. It didn’t really changed anything and I don’t think it disturbed in any way. Besides this, writing process stay the same, I write everything and we practice the songs.

As I know Europe is gradually lifting quarantine restrictions. So maybe there is a chance to see you all over Europe touring and promoting a new record?

Touring Europe never really happened, as it’s easy for us to drive everywhere during few days, we usually do week-end here and there. But we should play Flesh Party fest this year, fingers cross, and then we’ll try to book few shows in Serbia, Hungary and around, let see. But we’ll try to be back in Japan, as well USA and Mexico was almost planned in 2020, it could be also pretty cool to be back in Canada and try to book countries we never been, so let see.

Ah yes, what labels will release this bloody mess and which formats will it be?

As it was announced in december, CD format will be release by Obliteration rec and we are very proud of it, Naru is a friend since few years but for us that’s a legend from the 90’s. Naru always did a great job, he helped us a lot in Japan, we had fun touring US together with Viscera Infest and SCD, that was also fun to drive them to Swiss and to the OEF in 2019. Tape version will be done by Larvae rec in Portugal, label of Pedro from Holocausto Cannibal/Grunt/Fecal Incest/Caos Emergente fest, also a long time friend. Then LP version will be release by Sleeping Church rec which is a new french label from friends who are more into doom music. The guys are playing in Presumption, we shared stages few times together with my doom band The Bottle Doom Lazy Band, they are suppose to release our new album too. Digital format will be available on our bandcamp
as well.

Guyome, as far as I know PxFx is your main but not only band. Please tell us a bit about your other projects.

Yeah PxFx is my life and the first band i started in 1997 or maybe before, but officialy in 1998. I’m very busy with many projects yeah, recently i have released the album of my noise project Corporal Abuse, artwork was done by a Spanish friend called Joao, he played in a death metal band called Cruz. I have released it on my label Cataleptic Remains prod to celerate 20 years of this project and it looks/sounds very cool. This release is not only special due to this anniversary, but also because Samantha, who recently joined us as guitarist in PxFx and who’s next to me since few years now, she’s also doing drums and other weird noises on this album. She’s very active in the music scene so it push me more to create even more music. Besides this I still play drums in The Bottle Doom Lazy Band, my doom’n’roll band that turned 17 years old now, that’s crazy, we were almost the only band of that style back in the day, stoner and other doom style wasn’t a trend in that period, old bands were dead or not so active. But we are still working on the new album that we’ll finally record this year, a pre-prod was done 3 years ago I guess and it’s available on our bandcamp. Another band from the same city of Bottle Doom is Rotten, old school death metal and I’m finally back on guitar. This band was made by the ex-Deep Vein bassist and the line-up consist of the Bottle Doom singer, the ex-Deep Vein and actual Trepanator drummer and me on guitar. Jerome the bassist write everything and we have recorded a first mini album released on Bleed rec in 2019. We have just recorded a new song that will appear on the french compilation « We Are French Fuck You » and we are working on a new album. Embryopathia is also kind of alive, we have started to record the album in 2019, few bass lines left and then we’ll record vocals, then we’ll look for a label. I should also tell you about my black metal project I started around 2015, that’s kind of a concept album to exorcised my demons. I do everything by my own, drums/percussion, electric / acoustic guitars, bass, keyboard, vocals and lyrics. That’s mid tempo style, my main influences I’m surely far from it, but they’re Mudanus Imperium and Wallachia, they’re the one who really pushed me to make this project. The last song is done, it just miss lyrics and then recording vocals. Then mixing process and artwork, ah and I must find a name haha, that will be last because music first.

You`re also is an owner of your own studio, you`re working on your own building… and we need to know more about it.

Yeah it’s a while i own The Cripple Room, first version was in my parents home where we recorded few PxFx sessions and Baptized In Vaginal Liquid demo, but we have also recorded the album « Interstinal Lung Diseases » there. Control room in my bedroom and all cables was running on first level to my drums room, which is an attic to my parents bedroom. The 2nd version was in my actual house and in my bedroom, something like 25m square full of gear, that was very tight. The 3nd one is still the actual one, also in my house. Same way, that’s a home studio with my control room in my bedroom once again and the tracking room in my living room. I do lots of sessions with that setup, most of the PxFx were made there, bands from my area like Trepanator, The Last Tomb, Les Frottis de l’Espace, Shaxul from Manzer did his drums sessions here, John Pigtails came and we recorded one song together, I played also drums and recorded/mixed the first Mutilated Judge album. Then many other bands came, not only for a full recording, but also for vocals only, drums, etc… I also do online mixing/mastering, bands send me their tracks and I send the mix back, we work like this with Anorectal Ulceration from India. I also work for labels, editing, restoration and DDP images of old stuffs from tapes, cds, etc…, I work a lot with Meat 5000 rec, Extreme Terror prod & Grindfather prod. As you mentioned I build the 4rd version of The Cripple Room, it’s been many years since I’m working on it but I had to restore the house to live in first, then now I’m focus on the real studio part. Everything take time, I started the roof of the tracking room right before the South American tour in 2018 and ended it around February 2019 as we were on tour. Since then everything went pretty fast considering I have a fulltime job, my bands & projects. I also started to work with an acoustic designer to make it sounds awesome and perfectly tune, so first I have to finish the inner wall with the size he told me, yeah everything is based on physics and to make a good acoustic you need the right size of your room, when it’s possible of course, sometimes you have to deal with what you have. So once the inner walls will be done, I’ll do measurments with a specific mic to get datas and then send all to him to make the acoustic plan, it will be to use as a tracking and practice room. I’m really excited about it, but there is still many hours and lots of money to spend before it will be fully functional.

The classical question is: what are the next plans for Pulmonary Fibrosis?

Ayayay soooo many splits are on the way as usual haha, but first we have our new album « Pulmonologists » out around 15th February, I already got the cd version from Naru and they looks very nice. Now waiting for the tape and next will be the LP, so we’re pretty excited about it. Next is the 2nd volume of our discography release by Bizarre Leprous rec, it countains mostly splits from the era with Pascal on vocals and the sound is better. But we have also some splits, we have recorded many sessions and we still have to finish them. So next we have another split with Purulent Spermcanal, but two other bands are in as well, Colombian goregrinders Stenches Beyond Repulsive are in and mostly manage that release. We have 3 releases with Brazilian bands, the first one you already know, which is a split 7EP with Thanatopsis, then one with Flesh Grinder and 3rd one will be a split cd with Neuro Visceral Exhumation. Few ones are also on the way, a split with Gangrene Discharge, another one with Active Stenosis and one with Maggot Vomit Afterbirth.

What do you think about conceptual albums? For example, some metal bands like to do this kind of stuff.

I think that’s pretty cool, mostly now because lots of subjects are done since ever and bands using their own concept to be different than thousands bands around, could be more interesting than another LDOH or Carcass clone. I never really paid attention on it before, music is very important to me, it bring lots of feeling and lyrics are last, mostly in grind because you can’t understand anything. But since years I pay more attention on them, they’re also a big part of the concepts and I admire people who write them, I’m really bad at it and I wrote only 2 texts for PxFx long time ago, without success.

Imagine that you can do a split with 4 bands, any bands no matter if they’re active or not. What bands would you choose?

Last Days Of Humanity, Dead Infection, Regurgitate, Carcass. Hard to choose 4, Mortician would be in the list as they have a lot of influences on us too.

Thank you so much for this talk my friend! I`m really stoked to hear the whole album! The words of wisdom from bearded ZZ Gore are?

As usual thanx a lot to you for the big support and to the whole undergrind scene. We hope you’ll enjoy the listening of this new piece of our history, I have spread my blood during this recording and we tried to do our best to make a great album. Hehe, I wish I could play as well as ZZ Top dudes, but the best I can do is that noise, so I hope everyone will enjoy our new album as much as the new splits we will share with the sickest bands on the underground. We also hope to meet you all during shows and tours we’ll plan asap, cheers !!!

Contacts:  Facebook page / Bandcamp page


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