Vile Species / Civilian Thrower

It`s Friday baby! That means it`s time for another review! I picked up this nice tape for today’s party. Boys and girls let me present you Vile Species (Greece) and Civilian Thrower (France). All together we have here about 13 minutes of massive grind massacre. This is the case when both bands are equal, of course, each band has its own vision of the genre, but the power, aggression, and passion with which they act has no difference.

Greek grind brigade begins with high octane speed. Their grindcore is based on old-school elements but guys mix everything with a great dose of hypertrophied punk! This mix perfectly feet to your morning coffee with cake! This noise will charge you with a split portion of energy. The guys really did their best, I see the progression in their music. Strong songwriting, good fast blasting tempos with groovy twists. Good production and general sound. The guitar sound, bass and drums, and vocal. Vile Species didn’t invent anything new in the genre, but this material is honest and sincere, and in my opinion, it`s very important for any music.

French grind tornado literally smashed all my bones! This is fucking awesome Death Toll 80k / Insect Warfare worship! Furious, short, and unstable songs with a massive charge of evil energy, ha! Good instrumental work, yes the riffs are primitive but very memorable. The vocal style really reminds me of the US monsters Insect Warfare! Except for good moments, I found a few negative things too. Cymbal and bass sound is a bit cluttered, that is not the best, but everything still sounds dope! We need more grind like this!

And if you ignore the silly photoshop cover then this is still one of the best grind splits from 2021!

Strongly recommended by GGGG!

Contacts:  Vile Species bc  /  Civilian Thrower bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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