Negativ Null ‎– Gesamtwerk 2016-2017

The trio from Kaiserslautern proved to us that powerviolence genre is still alive and still kicking! Unfortunately, this band is no longer active, but guys left a few good releases after themself. Regurgitated Semen rec kindly gathered together all songs and released them in one CD. All together 51 songs of powerful and wicked pv, here is the material from the last album Kategorisch Aggressiv, split with Yacopsae, Kadaverficker & Mixomatosis, Germany Will Be Worse (compilation), demo “Wir Können Garnicht” and EP “So Viel Fressen Wie Wir Kotzen Wollen” Believe me, this is a supermassive sound bomb!

There are no intros, nothing that can prepare or warn you… you will be punched right into the face! Guys are not joining around, they shoot the listener with everything they have. I think this is the greatest part of this release. This trio managed to accumulate a stupidly huge portion of aggression and negative emotions, and then transform it into music, holy! I really love these songs from A to Z… The bass guitar is freaking heavy and not cluttered with other instruments. The guitar is a a fucking buzzing hell, which produces short but deadly riffs. The vocal is excellently loud it sounds so pissed off, ha! And, of course, the hyperfast drums are here as well, a good balance between cymbals sound and the drum kit, nothing lost, everything sound really amazing.

Gesamtwerk 2016-2017 is a bloody good discography release and I think it`s undeservedly neglected. This CD deserves more attention!

Strongly recommended by GGGG!

Contacts: Negativ Null bandcamp

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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