Charcuterie / Pharmacist

Let`s spice this gloomy day with some dence death n gore tunes! I think split will perfectly help us with this mission. Today we put on the table (and in our player) a very loud and ugly piece with two lovely bands from the US and Japan. I have a feeling that this CD will beat all shit from my neighbors, haha!

First on the line is a duo from Philadelphia. Charcuterie is playing a filthy mix of goregrind and death metal, but you also will find some good and nasty intros and outros (these dudes have a really black sense of humor). After the opening track “Cascade of Neuronal Cell Death”, guys attack with a solid and raw wall of sound. General sound and production are a bit messy, I believe that guys recorded and mixed everything by themself, but that fact didn`t ruin this record. The whole thing is based on middle tempos and some short but fast parts. The guitar sound is dirty but I got a lot of pleasure listening to it. Same I can say about the drums, the snare sound is really raw and good. The final outro with the sound of vomiting totally fits this noise, best ending ever, haha!

Japanese followers of the Carcass cult are back with 5 new songs! Must say this material has more grind in than the previous split. The beginning of this side is extremely nice, the mix of ugly growls and pitch-shifted vocals works great! As usual, the guitar riffs and solos sound massive and tasty. I think this material will find a lot of fans because you have here dope blasts, great atmospheric death metal parts, groovy middle tempos, good sound, and so on. This story ends with “When Organics Shrink”, an awesome choice for the last nail, this track is a bit slower than others, and the second part of the song is a perfect gloomy instrumental. The guys really did their best!

Contacts: Charcuterie bc  /  Pharmacist bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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