Lymphatic Phlegm – Roughly Excised – Putrefindings, Morbidescriptions and Necrognoses

This album was really unexpected, unexpected like a nuclear blast… nobody was prepared! After the incredible “Show​-​off Cadavers – The Anatomy of Self Display” guys take a break and focused and their own moments. When I heard the first rumors about this record I don’t believe it at first, but then Black Hole production dropped this album right into the listener’s faces. Should I say that I was simply smashed? This is one of the nastiest music works for the past few years! Everything here is screaming about sick, bloody, pathological, rotten (and so on) themes! Everything starts from the crazy cover with a ton of human remains and parts (hello Reek Of Putrefaction) and ends with the last guitar riff! BTW this CD does have not the usual design, it has a super cover, that one yellow with old medical graphics. Must say it is very pleasant to hold it in the hands, hope they do something like that with tape and vinyl versions.

You know how this duo loves different creepy stuff, right? Well, they found somewhere an audiobook/guide about stages of decomposition of the human body and used some samples from it. Must say this shit works perfectly! It brings so much new into the morgue atmosphere! The sound of this work is a bit different from the previous album, the guitar is not that bright, but that is not critical, because everything here is well balanced. In my opinion, this is the best material from Lymphatic Phlegm so far. This album is full of harsh tunes but it has really unexpected twists and really lovely melodies (within the genre, of course). Should I say that all brands elements (such as guitar with a delay effect, killer blasts of drum machine, and hoarse pitch-shifted vocal) haven’t disappeared. Of course, the music of this band was always specific, not everyone understood and love it, but I really dig this noise! This is the most gloomy and juicy goregrind that you can find!
As far as I know, there are a few more new releases in the work, and I can`t wait to hear them! Long life Lymphatic Phlegm!

Strongly recommended by GGGG!

Contacts: Lymphatic Phlegm instagram

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