Plague Rages – Hecatombe

This band is active since 1996, they are one of the small groups of the bands that formed a base of the Brazilian grind scene. Their discography is massive and the history is deep and bright. Hecatombe is their 4th full-length that was released almost a year ago. Must say when I saw the artwork I was totally satisfied. The artist managed to transform the usual collage format (usual as for the grindcore genre, gas mass, death, bones, and so on) into something very beautiful and mystical. This art has a very strong gloomy and grotesque atmosphere and I freaking love it!

Hmm, I think I will split my impressions of this noise in half. Let`s start with the negative side. The sound level is a bit low so everything sounds pretty thud, but the main problem is in mixing and production. The guitar is very quiet and the cymbals are cluttered too, not sure if the guys were satisfied with this result. From the positive moments, I like the whole sound it sounds very raw and alive, like someone recorded it in the basement somewhere in the early 90th, ha! A strong bass line and the raw sound of a snare drum. The guys used a few kinds of vocals, which brings some variety to the whole picture.

I won’t say that “Hecatombe” is the best grind album of the past year, but this is still lovely work. If you love old-school raw grindcore give a try to this record!

Contacts:  Plague Rages bc Plague Rages fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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