Facada – Quebrante

Brazilia is a land of mystery… guys have so wonderful nature, kind people, shit politics (I bet that is everywhere), and tons of incredible grindcore bands! I really can talk about their scene days! In my opinion, Facada is one of the strongest grind bands from that part of the world. Guys are always responsible for the recording process, album design, and so on. That`s why each time you put their CD or LP in/on your player, you already know that you will be smashed by that jam!
A little bit of boring statistic info, Quebrante is a 3d full-length of Facada is contains 23 tracks. It was released only in two formats CD by Black Hole prod and LP by Läjä Records (I wonder, where the hell is a tape release?). Musically our friends are into old-school grindcore, but with a tiny metal taste. I really feel an influence of Napalm Death here.
A general sound and production are predictably good. Everything is in its place, the guitars, bass, blastbeats, and roaring vocal! This grind mess could be compared with mudflow that rushes right at you! Super aggressive and powerful, this music charges with its energy. This is the noise that will throw you in the moshpit!
Kickass work! If you didn`t listen to this album, then you should do it immediately!
As for me, I will patiently wait for their new album… hope it will be recorded soon, haha!

Strongly recomended by GGGG!

Contacts: Facada fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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