Rot – Cruel Face Of Life / Sociopathic Behaviour

It`s hard to talk about such legends like Rot… I think there are no people in grind underground that don`t know that band. As you may know, guys released their new album last year, but there were a few nice re-issues too. Today I will talk about the first two full-length (since I was lucky to have both).
An incredible flashback into 1994! The debut “Cruel Face Of Life” was re-released by Black Hole Productions and Bucho Discos. The CD has a great quality of sound and polygraphy but also has a cool noise bonus. Brutal as fuck, primitive and harsh… this raw madness will drive you crazy! 21 tracks from the studio and a warm, mad live session from the gig in “Londrina” (that one was released on a tape, somewhere in 1995)  Awesome, honest, and full of pure aggression, this album is one of the best grind albums in the history of noise music!

4 years later, guys gathered in the studio and recorded “Sociopathic Behaviour”! Black Hole Productions has re-released it too. This is very massive work with 33 songs (35 minutes long). They didn`t step out of their way, didn`t change the style, we have here the same badass and raw grindcore. “Sociopathic Behaviour” is really nice studio work that sounds very true, without any special effects or sound makeup. The riffs, drums, bass, and screams sound so savage! This is that type of music that makes your blood boil!
I am really happy with how this re-issue turned out. It will help to get this album for those who don`t have it yep. And yes, both CDs are strongly recommended by GGGG!

Contacts: Rot fb / Rot bc / Rot instagram

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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