Lymphatic Phlegm (24.01.22)

Hi Andy, finally it’s happening. How are you doing during this shitty lockdown? Hope you and your family are healthy.

Hello Alex, how it’s going man? Thanks a lot for this great opportunity to talk some words to GGGG! Things are OK here, going strong but still living this obnoxious pandemic shit but things are going to be better.

Let`s begin with your new album. Honestly, I was surprised when I saw the news about it. Must say the album is pure filth and joy! For how long did you hide this masterpiece and what grind society thinks about “Putrefindings, Morbidescriptions, and Necrognoses”?

The production process is always on a current evolution for a lot of reasons and the main point is always try to produce/compose something better than the previous release or at least with similar quality and mainly with our own characteristics. Lately, we are taking even more time to do new songs, we want to work on it giving even more emphasis on the general structures and arrangements, same for the lyrics/concept. Sometimes you can do a “killer” riff and a week later it isn’t work like before, so let’s go again, it’s a constant and natural process! Rodrigo isn’t living at Curitiba for 15 years and it makes the whole thing even harder to keep composing/recording. Roughly Excised… was out 14 years later Show-off Cadavers, maybe for a lot of people it’s too much time but I think it’s perfectly normal, even more due our whole routine and extra personal problems. We just did some few extra tracks for other two planned stuff that will be out someday in 22 and right now there’s no any plan to record again or to do any other new L. Phlegm’s releases.

When did you start to record it? The material is from old times or everything was written now?

We started to record the newest album early 2015 and most tracks are from early 10 or even before. We had a lot of troubles in the recording sessions especially in the mixing period and it takes so many time to be out! Fernando also spent a good time on the cover/artwork making and it was released late 21. Honestly we never had a specific date to release it, people wasn’t waiting for a new album, so no rushes about any delay or anything else. The whole thing was made on our time and especially in the time of the whole people involved in the production.

And one more thing about this record. The art… Hmmm, it reminds me “Reek of Putrefaction” a bit. Is it some kind of tribute for that iconic album or?

Ohhh yes… There’s no like to say Reek of Putrefaction was one of the main influences for the Roughly Excised… cover artwork. Pathologist and The County Medical Examiners are also some of the main influences and inspirations for it. Honestly I didn’t see many people comment about it, I can just say it represents exactly what we need and wanted for the whole album concept and Fernando couldn’t do it better! Love this artwork to DEATHHH, especially because it has some huge amount of specific details and intrinsic informations!

Our good friends from Black Hole prod released a CD version of the album, but what`s about vinyl and tape?

Yes, Black Hole (Bra) did the CD version, LP will be released by Haunted Hotel (USA), I just can’t precise when it’ll be available due the lately huge worldwide pressing plant delays, maybe mid 22 or even more. The official cassette version will be out someday in 2022 via Grotesque (Mex)/Black Hole in the same way they recently did the cassette versions of the other two full-length albums. Album is also currently available on digital format (You can also purchase it if you want!) via Black Hole’s official bandcamp and Gore Grinder channel also put it on Facebook.

Sorry for this question but we need to know. What is the status of Lymphatic Phlegm (active, dead, or hiatus)?

I never understand why people keep saying Lymphatic Phlegm is BACK! The band NEVER split-up, we just stayed some years without releasing stuff but it doesn’t means the band has quit.

Every person dreams about something. What’s your biggest and honest dream?

Too old for dreams!

I just bought a new re-issue of your split with NVE, must say it looks and sounds massive. But what release will get another life next? I bet that a lot of labels asking about releasing your old stuff.

Ohhh, thanks a lot for ordering it and for your kindly words! Some days ago Tomek from Behind the Mountain Records said me that it’s almost sold-out, GREATTT! This Split is one of my faves and it really deserved a LP version since it was originally out (2002). People have really enjoyed it and we’ve received several good comments about this version, thanks a lot to all the people who got it, we’re hugely grateful for the endless support! Yes, there are some few planned reissues, especially for the ones that haven’t a proper reissue yet. We’re just planning to do unreleased versions of the old stuff like we did with the split with Torsofuck and NVE on LP format and the full-length albums on cassette but don’t expect too many other ones.

let’s talk about Offal and Putrefaction Sets In. What can you tell us about these bands?

Offal is back to rehearse after almost two years due the pandemic shit. Our last live set was March 20. Right now we’re just planning to play some live sets again and some stuff we’ve recorded late 19 are scheduled to be out this year, an EP and a Split 7”EP with our country mates of Preceptor. Another one was planned to be out with our friends from VHS (Can), but I really don’t know if it will be out yet. PSI has just finished recording the debut full-length album and it’ll be out late Feb. or few more on CD format via Black Hole Productions (Bra). Digital and all other physical formats (LP/Cass.), will follow and a Japanese CD version is also scheduled. Two singles are already available on our official YouTube and bandcamp’s channels, check it out!

By the way, do you plan to release a compilation that includes songs from the splits? Sometimes it’s practically impossible to get some split album.

Yesss, it’s already planned but I really don’t know when we’ll put it out, too much work involved on it! Labels are already OK for it and sooner or later it’ll be out!

With the end of 2021, please, do your top-5 releases that blew your head off this year.

Just did a 2021 TOP 15: 

Morbific – Ominous Seep of Putridity 

Anatomia – Corporeal Torment

Oltre Tombe – Abysse Mortifere 

Galvanizer – Prying Sight of Imperception 

Grave Miasma – Abyss of Wrathful Deities

Mortiferum – Preserved in Torment  

Golem of Gore – Madness is the Beginning… 

Sick Sinus Syndrome – Rotten to the Core

Pharmacist – Carnal Pollution 

Gruesome Stuff Relish – Kill Baby Grind

Dripping Decay – Watching you Rot 

Necropsy Odor – Tales from the Tepid Cavity

Rot – Organic

Nak’ay – Closed Doors/Open Veins

Miasmatic Necrosis – Live at Saint Vitus Bar – 11/03/21

I`m afraid that`s all, hugs and love! Thank you so much for this conversation, Andy! 

Alex, THANKS A LOT for making it possible, for your huge support and for the great opportunity to appear on GGGG, we’re really deeply grateful! Anyone who wants to get some more info’s or wants to order some stuff just drop me a line: or check our whole official web stuff for Offal and PSI. Thanks a lot for the endless support and all the best to you all, cheers from Brazil!

Contacts: Facebook

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