Perpetual – Gasmask Terrorizer

I think that Malaysian grind bands are not well known in other parts of our planes, which is very sad. Today I will try to fix it a little. “Gasmask Terrorizer” is a new EP from real grind veterans Perpetual! Guys started to grind more than 25 (!!!) years ago! During all that period they have a lot of lineup changes and other troubles but they never gave up! From the first rehearsal till this day Perpetual is still playing rotten old-school grindcore in the best traditions of the genre. Here are strong social-oriented lyrics, sharp themes, and so on, all attributes of traditional grind release!

Starting from the guitar tone and ending with loud growls everything have an old-school spirit! The energy of this short release is awesome! This noise could be compared with one of the first tanks (Mark 2) on the battlefield! A heavy unstoppable mess that is smashing your mind! I really like the general production and sound, it`s far away from the modern/fashioned sound, it is a DIY way with its dirtiness. Ah yes, I would like to highlight interesting guitar work, these riffs are badass and these solos are like a cherry on the top of the grind cake!
I think that this noise is perfect for these sick-heads who are in love with the early Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Agathocles, SOB, and so on.  Great EP and I really waiting for the new album of these Asian legends!

Contacts: Perpetual  bc / Perpetual fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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