Ischemic Necrosis, DxHxNx, Zombie, Pulmonary Fibrosis

We`re still digging some goodies from last year! Nowadays, you will not surprise anyone with a split release. Must say it`s hard to track that kind of format because thousands of them are produced each year. But thankfully many labels and bands send me notifications about the new and new splits. This 4-way split I found in the box from Meat5000 rec, among other good stuff. Must say that this is really brutal shit with really nice bands!

Strange thing, according to the tracklist first band should be DxHxNx, but in fact, we have here 11 songs of the US freaks Ischemic Necrosis. As you may know, this is a side project for one of the Intestinal Disgorge members. I think this noise is very close to ID but with its own taste. Expect of chaotic goregrind with some brutal riffs and disgusting vocals. All drums are digital and sound very annoying, but that`s how it should be, haha! This is a tasty piece of the cake for these maniacs who love noisecore and gore!

DxHxNx is next on the line. A nice sadistic intro that makes a lot of atmospheres here (actually all songs have their own intro). After it guys attacked with a good portion of middle tempo gore! Hmm, I can highlight the warm and heavy sound of these 3 tracks and solid vocals. Guitar’s sound is cool too with a low tune, same with the drums, nothing outstanding, but it`s nice-sounding debut work!

As far as I understand we have here another debut! The band Zombie with 10 songs of groovy gore madness! Everything sounds really well, there is a lot of moments that will make you dance and bang your head! Guys caught a good balance between fun and serious grind, and I really love it. The guitar is very pleasantly buzzing and aggressive. Drums are a bit cluttered but that does not matter. Yes, this distorted vocal sounds weird and harsh but I still love this work! The last track “Comido Vivo” sounds almost romantic, ha!

And the last nail into this rotten coffin is French Pulmonary Fibrosis! Only lazy gore freaks don`t know who they are! These legends are super heavy, their music full of evil energy and anger! It`s even hard to find the words to describe this madness! Imagine a huge road roller that crushes a lot of people! Blood and screams are everywhere, haha! Every instrument here sounds ultra-heavy and sick! These blast beats and pitch-shifted vocals are grinding your bones into powder! This fucking the best ending of the split that you can even imagine!

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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