Human Obliteration / Vile Species

The split format is something very special, it`s an integral part of our underground. And, of course, is a real sign of respect and friendship for each other. Last year the US grinders Human Obliteration joined their forces with Greek grind punks Vile Species and right now I`m holding the result of this teamwork. Nice looking tape with gloomy art and colors…  you may say that you have seen that kind of stuff a million times but it`s grindcore, pink unicorns are rare in this genre, haha!

Let`s start with the first 7 songs of Human Obliteration. Must say their debut full-length scared and smashed me, that was so fucking dark and dystopian, but this fresh material is a bit lighter (if I can say that about grindcore). Of course, this material is still full of negative dark vibes and it’s also full of great melodies. This guitar work is very strong, here and there you may catch some thrash riffs, some grind, and many more. All songs are full of variety! The drummer makes so many groove beats, but he didn’t forget about blast beats. My favorite song is “Learned Behavior”, guys managed to mix brutality with perfect rack melodies. And once again, this is really awesome recording session!

I remember that the debut CD of Vile Species was interesting and loud, well let`s see what they prepared for us this time. So Greek blasters started with furious “Braindead and Unity”, which very good start. Dirty and aggressive tunes with jaw-smashing energy! Yes, generally this is pretty much old-school grindcore, but it has a very strong punk smell! The sound is a bit messy but I like it, the whole production sound very DIY and that is nice too. As it should be, riffs are simple but very angry, same I can say about the vocal, loud creepy screams and harsh roars are fit here really well. I deally dig the atmosphere and the energy of this work, great tunes!

Strongly recommended by GGGG!

Contacts: Human Obliteration bc / Vile Species bc

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