3 new releases from Mortville Noise!

MORT:146 “31 Uplifting Songs” CD MORT:147

This long delayed 3-way CD is finally unleashed with each band contributing just over five minutes of material. CAPTAIN THREE LEG (USA) offer up 21 tracks averaging 15 seconds in length with musical set-ups ending in blasts of noise. H-SQUAD (Sweden) do 6 tracks of hedonistic, blasting fast punk/blurrcore. Sub Rats (Spain) round things out with four tracks of precise, crusty grindcore. Mastered by Eric Trude at Hostile Studios, with cover art from Tom Kemp and Frank Oblak.

Captain Three Leg / Uddercock – split CD-R MORT:148

Captain Three Leg bark out 55 tracks of angry noisecore in 3:35 with a machine gun-like delivery of lyrical impudence. Uddercock’s 16 tracks blend classic noisecore elements with filthy electronics, creating thick, scuzzy bursts of sonic violence. Short, but not so sweet. Factory duplicated CD-R with 4 panel insert in slipcase

Captain Three Leg / Decomposing Serenity – split CD-R

Captain Three Leg do another 41 tracks in just over three minutes, but really, how long do you need this shit to go on? Decomposing Serenity do five tracks of chaotic, ultra-fast grind with catchy riffs. It’s the split that should have happened 20+ years ago. Factory duplicated CD-R with 4 panel insert in slipcase

You can buy them all at Mortville Noise

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