Horornisdiphonevalley – Disfanfare

Don`t really know how the hell I missed this wonderful band. After the first listening, I was so amazed that I decided to write a review! So Horornisdiphonevalley is a one-man band from Japan not sure how long this project exist, but exactly this EP was released at the end of the fall of 2020. This is not the only debut of this act it`s also a debut of a young Japanese label Esagoya rec. So we have 7 songs of something very loud and schizophrenic, haha. This is not regular grindcore as may you think, this is something different, in a good way of course. But let`s start from the beginning…
“Disfanfare” is weird, atmospheric, and futuristic. If you put together PsudoKu, Antigama, Grindlink and spice it with psycho synth you will get something close to Horornisdiphonevalley. This music is freaking interesting and intensive, like the fucking first sex, haha! Awesome sound work, keyboard work, guitar, and surprise… the bass and drums here are digital, but they sound so well, it almost tricked me, holly! This mini-album has a lot of melodies and I really love this part of the record! Of course, these songs have blast beats, they have aggression and power. But (strange to say) that is not the main point of this record. This is something from outer space!
Tracks don`t have a standard timing (as for grindcore), they sound more than one minute and there is one song that has 6 minutes. But everything sounds so well balanced and nice that you don`t track the time. This story ends with a very powerful dot.- the Insect Warfare cover, and yes it was made in Horornisdiphonevalley style. Must say the ending knocked everything out of me, haha!

Strongly recommended by GGGG!

You can listen to this CD and buy it at esagoya.bandcamp.com

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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