Proletar – Depressive Disorder

Indonesian veterans Proletar are well known not only in their homeland but in the world as well. These guys are very kind and friendly, I guess that`s why they have so many splits haha! More than 20 years on stage, a lot of experience and gigs, and here is a funny fact, guys recorded their first full length 22 years ago, and only now this trio managed to record their second album, ha! So here is “Depressive Disorder”, a monumental work with 22 tracks and nice artwork. I can say that this is pretty much DIY stuff, guys recorded everything on their own, friends helped them with sound production, and so on. Now let’s take our tools and see what is inside of this long-awaited album.

Generally, this work sounds nice, there are some moments but I will talk about them later. Most songs are made in middle tempos, so you won`t hear here ultra-speed-blastbeats and razor sharps riffs. This is wath we call old-school grindcore! With some slow riffs, some metal parts, and so on, but so what? Riffing is simple but memorable, same with drums. And here is a negative moment, during production drums sounds weren’t cleaned well (or maybe it was impossible because of the quality of drum recording), but in this case drums made some not the best effect on the whole sound. Unfortunately sound is very messy, but it`s DIY grindcore, so nothing critical here. Also, I want to highlight the vocal… it sounds very old-fashioned, but there are some parts (here and there) where Proletar used a pitch-shifted effect, nothing outstanding (like LDOH) but that tric works really well!

In the end, I want just to summarise everything. “Depressive Disorder” is a strong album with its positive and negative sides, this work is worthy of your attention. And I hope guys won`t need another 22 years to record another album, ahaha!

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