Entrails Massacre / Sanctioned

The fall of this shitty year brought us a lot of good stuff… Really, it was hard to catch and listen to all these albums, splits, demos, and EPs. But the end of 2021 is finally near and I want to spin with you a release with German legends Entrails Massacre and Australian grind crashers Sanctioned! First of all this split is interesting by a difference in one genre. Each band presents their own vision of grindcore, and that is a magnificent part of this vinyl. So let’s begin…

A bit of history. Entrails Massacre started to make noises 30 years ago (impressive isn`t it?). During the years guys never stopped, maybe their discography is not so big, but each of their releases is very punchy. And the new session sounds damn good too. Small drum intro and then you will be lost in a hurricane of blast beats. But that`s not all. Some of the songs have very bright structures of powerviolence. But anyway the main base is grindcore (but not a traditional), sometimes I heard big influences from the band like Discordance Axis. The riffs, general sound, and the atmosphere of this material will slash your brain into molecules!

For those who think that Sanctioned is just another new band. Hell no, these guys have an unbelievably huge history. All of them were playing in the bands which formed the Australian grind scene!
I won’t say that I was satisfied with side B, it`s so short, guys only recorded 3 tracks 😦 But this is absolutely smashing stuff! All songs have so much aggression and power, fuck A! Despite the fact that Sanctioned is playing old-fashioned grindcore you will find a lot of twists, some groove, some d-beat, and so on. And I really like it, this music sounds very cheerful, unboring and fresh! I think this is how the young bands should record their material, I mean they must sound alive and with fire!

Approved and recommended by GGGG!

Contacts: Entrails Massacre fb  /  Sanctioned fb

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