Urban Carnage – Nihai Infilak

Urban Carnage is a kickass powerviolence from Istanbul / Turkey. Also, this band has few members of mighty Sakatat, so I almost have no doubt that this debut EP is a fucking bomb! So generally this release has a minimalistic design, but for this genre, it`s a usual thing. For this release guys recorded 11 songs, and like in old good times friends all over the world helped them to release it (just check this list of the labels Psychocontrol Records, Black Against Night Records, Night Animal Records, Blastbeat Worship Tapes, Give Praise Records, ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni).

Guess what? As I thought this record is fucking killer! Awesome aggressive energy, that is pumping out of the speakers like fucking tornado! Slow/fast structures, dope blast beats, nice guitar tone, heavy bass (but a bit cluttered), and furious vocal, all ingredients are in! Btw all 3 members are singing on this record, crazy Turkish freaks, haha! From some minor negative moment`s I can highlight the sound. It`s compressed, not deadly but when you will listen to this vinyl, you will feel it. And again, it`s usual problem in powerviolence and grindcore genres… Anyway, we have here really powerful pv release that deserves your attention and time!
Approved by GGGG!

Contacts: Urban Carnage bc

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