Sanitys Dawn – Shredding the yEars

Sometimes it’s helpful to look back and find something useful / interesting. Shredding the yEars is exactly that kind of thing. This massive compilation was released a few years ago by Hackebeil Records and Knochen Tapes. There are 44 songs of classical material. You will find songs from splits with Fetus Eaters, Yacoepsae, Magrüdergrind, Mechanical Seperation, Mindflair, and Wadge. All split records starting of 2002 till 2010.

Must say it`s always hard to write your thoughts about band veterans like Sanitys Dawn. Everyone knows their stuff, most people saw them at some gigs/festivals and so on. But let`s try. This material is a damn hurricane (especially early stuff)… Fast, brutal, and crazy. Guys do not hold back and push the gas pedal to the end! All songs bring a lot of joy and help to improve shitty mood (grind medicine in action, haha).
Of course, different periods have different sound (and it`s logical), but the whole picture is really great. And it`s very useful that you do not need to switch each split to listen to your favorite songs.
This is German grindcore in its finest. And if you still didn`t listen Sanitys Dawn then this tape is a perfect way to discover these legends!

Contacts: Sanitys Dawn FB     Official site

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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