Proletar (13.12.21)

Good day to you, my friend! I’m sure you’re doing well, am I right? Let’s start with a short recap of Proletar, some key moments in the band’s history if you please.

:: Cheers Alex, yess…i’m doing well and fine over here, and I hope that you doing well too over there. Proletar were formed in the center of economical place in Jakarta, in the middle of high buildings at the year of 1999, when the political situation had so many incident, monetary crisis, mass riot, looting, chaos and etc. At that kind situation we release our demo’s tape “”massive resistance” at the year of 2000, and followed by full length album in the next years (2001). And then the years after were followed by EP, Split and Compilation. We had several personal change. Until the final line up, it’s me Ipul (guitar), Nino (growl) and Levoy (drum/scream).

Finally, you managed to record your second album! I even saw that the CDs are ready. What can you say about this work? Are you happy with the final result?

:: Yeachhh finally, we had finished 22 tracks, we started from March 2021 and finishing our mixing and mastering on these September 2021. It’s a big work for us to finished 22 tracks with our conditions that we lack of money, and still have to think about our families and other is this pandemic circumstances. But finally we can finished with help from our friends and colleagues, for example to mixing and mastering were doing by our friends, so we can minimalized our budget to mixing and mastering, and were glad that to results is exactly like we mean too. And I verry satiefied with it. CD and Cassette will release by Samstrong Records one’s of local label. At the same time we also release our Documentary Movie about the journey of Proletar “GRIND FOR BETTER LIFE” in DVD format, and will be launching dan bundling with our CD’s (Double Disc).

During my preparation for this interview, I noticed that your first album was released 22 years ago and only now you have finished your second one. Why so? 

:: Hahaha yess Alex, we always made split release and EP after all this me. I always think that Grindcore/Punk is always open to release such a split or EP. No matter how many songs that we have, we will record it for split, EP or compilation. We glad to do it, without to think how much we’ll get after that, or how we do it tomorrow, we just don’t care about it. I’m just think how the spreading Proletar Virus around the worlds, as much as we can.

This album will be released not only in Asia, could you tell us about your deal with Animate Records?

:: Andy (Animate Records owner) is a great guy. We did a simple deal with Animate Records, like we do it with our own family. I’ve known about Animate Records for so long, and with chit chat we make a deal with animate records. We hope this cooperation with animate will be going well dan continues.

What’s the thing that keeps you moving on and doesn’t let you quit music and underground?

:: Maybe I’ll get bored if I’m not on this scene. Or maybe there’s something else that I can’t describe about my life, if I’m not be like this.

But the important about this, is about passion, that it’s the absolute reasons.

If most people in here that were in underground scene just for fill their youth and teenager, their school period, find their job and then quick or get marry, and life normally and leave underground scene, that is their right. But we always have our passion to do it something here.

Ipul, I know that you are also helping the Indonesian underground scene with your label PlayLoud. Tell us about it a bit, what else do you plan to release in 2022?

:: We hadn’t a planning. We still working on and will be cooperation with the band that seriously on it.

Is it necessary for an underground band to have a manager, what do you think about it? 

:: My opinion it depends on the band. Maybe they will need it if they will or have come to music industry. And I think we don’t need it. And proletar neither.

Let’s go back to Proletar. You have massive discography, but 80% of it are split releases. Why this format is so special for you? 

:: What I’ve mention before when answering earlier question, Grindcore/Punk is very welcome to release split and EP, we’d love to do that. Maybe that is the effective way to spreading our music. Although now everything were digitally, but our music is also can spread easier with technology. But we always think that the essence of physical release is irreplaceable. Like the different between to communication only with social media with someone else, instead to communication face to face, that’s really different.

Do you have your own recipe of good grindcore (in terms of speed, aggression, sound, etc)?

:: Heavy guitar sound, bulldozing bass, variative drum’s sound, Growl & Scream voc (my opinion). But I always love a band that has their own style and characteristic of sound, or combine with the sound that they like and make a greater sound. I think the band that have their own characteristic sound is the coolest from any other band that has great sound because the sound is trend at that moment.

It’s no secret that a lot of people are living a quite hard life. It’s all over the planet, but if we talk about Indonesia in particular, does poverty, political situation, and social injustice influence the local grindcore /crust scene? What local bands could you recommend?

:: Ofcourse, that makes me still in this underground scene, voice out protest into my lyrics. Maybe I’ll stop when the situation around me, and especially the world just do fine. Although that is impossible to hope that the world is just ok and fine.

Extreme Decay and Kanako Likes Fruit, both of this band, know how they must process and play the sound and music which they plays.

Continue the phrase: grindcore is…

:: Protest, love, free, fun and be your self

I shake your hand firmly! Thank you so much for your time brother. Any last words from uncle Ipul?))

:: Thank Alex for always supporting us. One day I hope we can meet face to face with you. Stay safe and healthy. Grind Love You.

Contacts:  Facebook / Bandcamp / Instagram

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