Misguided – S/T

Guess what? Today I wanna show an interesting debut. Self-titled EP from nice Polish trio Misguided. Guys are young and ambitious. In their music, they are mixing a lot of different extreme genres, and they do it well (yep). This first release has only 8 songs, but it`s more than enough to understand what Misguided is all about.
The main design has a dangerous red color and a nice unrolled backward skull. A small booklet and info are here too. From the first look, everything is made in a very minimalistic style but wait until you put this CD into the player.

Everything begins with strong and atmospheric metal into (which reminds me of modern Napalm Death), but then guys switched to powerviolence! Insane combo that works, ha! The whole work is very pleasant, interesting with a nice metal sound (Polish people love this kind of sound, hehe). Here you will find a lot of memorable riffs and powerful twists. During the listening, I had a strong feeling that guys were inspired not only by the old grindcore/pv scene but something like Godflesh (or it`s just my imagination?). Anyway, this is a really robust and unusual debut work.

I want to recommend this small release for those who are trying to find something new, who is looking not just for straight grindcore or metal or hardcore. Try this small CD and, I bet, you will be surprised.

Contacts:  Misguided fb    Misguided bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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