News from Mortville Noise!

MORT:145 Sordo / Captain Three Leg – split CD-R… Originally released as a limited to 100 CD-R on Dina Dog Records in 2015 in 7” packaging with an optional cut-out tray card, here it finds a home on Mortville Noise in a normal-ass standard jewel case. Oxnard’s Sordo churn out 6 tracks of drum & bass powerviolence that draws obvious comparisons to Godstomper, but manages to be its own thing. Captain Three Leg do 7 tracks of noisy, stripped-down hardcore with a rougher than usual 4-track recording. If you grabbed one from the first pressing, you aren’t missing anything not picking up this reissue. If you didn’t, you have 200 chances to grab one now. $3.00 + shipping. I’m practically giving these things away.

MORT:080 Ear Bleeding Disorder – “Its Causes And Cure” CD-R… Ear Bleeding Disorder were a short-lived Denver project with members of Reform Control, Dratsab and Dismembered Fetus. A violent collision of death metal and HC/powerviolence that yielded only a few tracks and one studio recordings before falling apart. Included are the tracks from the split 7” w/ Laughing Dog, “Chords Of Chaos” compilation CD, “Attacked By Bees…” compilation tape, “Hymns For The Hearing Impaired” compilation CD, the unreleased 4-track demo and two live sets sourced from VHS. Assembled without input from the band and previously available only as a download, physical copies are available for the first time for those that want them. Factory duplicated CD-Rs from Kunaki with two page insert. $3.00 + shipping.

MORT:023 Captain Three Leg / Pantalones Abajo Marinero – split CD-R… Jewel case reissue of the 2005 release; most of which were given away at the third Maryland Deathfest. Approximately 15 minutes from both bands, Captain Three Leg at their most death metal sounding, with 18 tracks recorded for a split with Bodies Lay Broken that never happened. 26 tracks from P.A.M. from two different recordings. Factory duplicated CD-Rs from Kunaki with two page insert. $3.00 + shipping.

Contact: facebook page / bandcamp page

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