Psycho (21.11.21)

Greeting Charlie! How are you doing my friend? My biggest congrats on your anniversary! I already opened a cold one in your honor 😉

I am doing great! Thank you for noticing that PSYCHO is 40 years old now! We have been celebrating all this year!!! Well as much as we have been allowed to with the Covid restrictions etc!

As I already said this year is very special for Psycho. The band has turned 40 (holy fuck)! This is a very huge date, how did you celebrate it, what can you say about all of this?

I can’t believe that we have been together for 40 fucking years either !! We had to celebrate quietly with restrictions but we did get to release our new Cd! We have been telling people about the 40 yr anniversary….. but it also says we are kinda old !! ha ha ha !! not many bands make it to the 40-year mark! especially a shitty grind / punk / d.i.y. a band like us !!

Of course, this is not the one big moment in the band history. You just released a new album. So please tell us more about “Vulture Church”.

Цe have not had a new album out since 2014! Ыo thats been 7 years now ! Vulture Church is our new Cd- it has 18 songs- we started to record it back in 2019 ..then the whole pandemic thing happened and we couldnt get together to finish it …so that took 2 years to record and mix it! It contains a few different styles like grind/ punk influenced/ noize and even some doom !! We like to mix things up so we dont get bored !! ha ha !! the song vulture church is about a trip we took to play in Peru! We went to this old abandoned church and it seemed to be taked over by a group of random vultures !! They were squatting at this church !!

Plus one question about the LP, the design is great but where the hell is Chainsaw priest?)

We love the Chainsaw Priest !! But we wanted to try something different this time. we worked with an artist that we met in Lima, Peru. Our friend Lucho introduced us to him. Lucho has or had now i think….a club there called “HENSLEY” .It was a skater / punk / metal club and this artist “CORPZ” did all the artwork that covered the walls of the club!

Polish label Selfmadegod rec took care of this album too. So you do really like to work with them? How was/is the promotion company from his side? Would you work with them again?

Yes we did the new Cd on SELF MADE GOD RECORDS . The owner Karol is a long time friend of mine and he agreed to do the CD. He really liked the artwork too ! He also did our last 2 cds…”Chainsaw Priest” and the “Grind Years” compilation of all our eps and splits. Karol is really cool and easy to work with !! as far as promotion goes …we got a big push when the CD was about to be released……but he puts out 4 or 5 cds every month so we get lost in the shuffle a bit… Maybe if we were a bigger band like NASUM or AGATHOCLES ..maybe he would have pushed us more… (we did split eps with both of those bands also !!) of course we would work with him again !! His label is pretty big and he has definitly helped us get the name out there !! we says thanks to him for sure !!!

“Vulture Church” was pressed in CDs format, but do you guys have any plans to press some vinyl or tapes?

We would love to release both “Vulture Church” and “Chainsaw Priest” and even “Grind Years”on vinyl LP !! The artworks deserves to be seen on a big platform !! any one interested ???? hint hint ////…. get in touch with us !!

You’re active 40 years already, what keeps you together and what makes you continue to throw wood on a fire named Psycho?

Ha ha !! we just don’t know when to quit !! we just really like to play music !! Love to play live !! Love to hang with our friends and the other bands at gigs . It’s fun to us !! When it stops being fun thats probably when we will finally call it quits …..maybe!

Could you highlight some moments in the band’s biography especially for those who hadn’t heard about you?

Some of my favorite PSYCHO releases are these : “Riches and Fame” 10 inch picture disc …1990…the sound on this is probably our best !! the engineer/ producer was Tim O”hare ! He did a killer job on the mixing and he went on to do stuff with Lady Gaga, Madonna and Natalie Merchant from 10 thousand maniacs… Split with EYEHATEGOD 9 inch vinyl !!….2017 ????….this was recorded live in Italy when we played together there ! we have been friends with these guys since the 90’s …so it was perfect to do a release with such great and long time friends ! PSYCHO/ NASUM split ep…1994….the Nasum stuff is incredible !!! was really cool to do a split with these guys !!We did this split right before they got really big !! PSYCHO/ AGATHOCLES split ep….1991…this is another release with some long time friends of ours!! This was another great sounding PSYCHO release produced again by Tim !! the sound is killer on this fucker !! it starts with the song “Drive” and it just explodes in your face !! a legendary classic !! wow !

Let’s talk about art. Is it really important to have a good quality artwork for split/album? And tell us, is it hard to find great and understanding artists nowadays?

Who doesn’t like cool artwork ?? Great cover art definitly helps sell the album !! We have been lucky enough to have been friends with some great artists !!! like R.K.Sloane…Jeff Gaither…Stevo from the band IMPETIGO….Spine Mountfort….Fat Pat… and now we got this new guy CORPZ !! Its really hard to find someone original and who is really good !! We have to get to know the person for a bit before we can actually work together….we have to build trust between us both !! that to me is the important part !!

Why drums? Why not bass? 😊 How did you choose an instrument to play on? And what drum kit do you use now?

Back when i first started taking drum lessons at age 10…they didnt offer guitar or bass !!! they had stuff like clarinet, trumpet and sax.. so I picked drums…I thought i might be able to handle that !! but after 50 years of playing I know i still suck !! ha ha I am very slowly starting to get better now tho….right now I am playing a Pearl Export Series set….but i also have a set with clear shells called FIBES they are from 1972 and I also have a little double-bass Ludwig set from 1964 that I have had for close to 40 years !! Its the drum set I played when we recorded with G.G. Allin on his “Freak, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies” album back in 1986 !! I own 5 drum sets right now!

What was the most terrible/disgusting thing you’ve done in your life?

Ha ha ha well this one time we were partying at my house and this one drunk and obnoxious friend was eating a candy bar and he wanted to put it in my freezer while he went to the liquor store…I said ok and he left… we took the chocolate candy bar and I put some of my dog’s shit on the end of it and smoothed it out… so it looked untouched,,,, he was drunk and he probably woundn’t notice anything….He came back and went right for the Refridgerator to put his beers in … He grabbed the candy bar and looked right at us and took a big bite !!! we were all dying laughing !! he had no clue why we were laughing !!….as he ate the rest of the candy !! I was crying I was laughing so hard !!! ha ha ha !! that was pretty disgusting but he was a pretty lame friend also !! he deserved it !! haha!

Thank you so much Charlie, long life Psycho! The last words are yours 😉

I am celebrating with a few shots of Jagermeifter as I do this interview so if you see any mistakes then you’ll know why !! thanks for asking such good questions and i hope i didn’t rant on for too long !! you can contact us at our Facebook page ……FB/Psychoboston email me Charlie Infection at… or our guitarist Johnny X at WE still have lots of merch so if interested in any of our CDs…records…shirts…tapes….belt buckle and patches please get in touch! thanks a million!

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