Golem of Gore, Redundant Protoplasm, Gore, Pulmonary Fibrosis

What can be better than a good gore CD on this cold evening? Right, nothing! Can`t say that this is just a regular release because we have here 4 huge portions of nasty music from Europe and both Americas! As you can see the design of this split is very sick and charged with maggots, fetuses, and other human remains. Disgusting, isn’t it?) I don’t want to seem tactless, I don`t want to talk too much about aspects of this record (there should be some dark moments that you need to explore for your own), I already want to start to listen to it, so the first band is Golem Of Gore.
So this young band is from Italy, must say this trio knows how to kick ass, ha! This time guys recorded really savage material with solid influences of LDOH. Great disgusting sound with heavy low frequencies. I love that GOF used a few kinds of vocals. The sound of string instruments is sick too. And the cheery on the top is the sound of the snare, these vibrations are insane. Ah yes, classical intros from horror films are here too. Great job 8/10

Next are guests from the USA – Redundant Protoplasm. This gore has a dirty sound but the boys managed to create an awesome atmosphere of horror (with riffs and slow moments). This is a literary fast and blast creature with an ugly face, haha! I think that everything was recorded in the rehearsal room, but the result is bloody good! I want to highlight that this music has a huge dose of punk and I fucking love it! 8/10

3d band is well-known veterans from Brazil. Gore was formed in 1992 and these guys are still here. For this split, they recorded 4 brand new songs. Hmm, this material has a local type of sound, it`s pretty low-fi, I guess that not all of you will love it, but anyway. Material is made in middle tempo rhythm and it`s the most interesting part. Somehow this music makes you bang your head off! Primitive riffs and structures are very memorable and cheerful. As usual for Gore, guitars are well made. Drums are sloppy but still nice. The vocal has a very strange distorted sound, which makes it memorable. 7.5/10

And finally, the most massive piece of the pie – Pulmonary Fibrosis! To be objective, this is the lowes and decent sound of all 4. French guys know how to kill… this is like a meat bloody bulldozer that is rolling on you! Super cool material, loud as fuck pitch-shifted vocal, cool riffs, and fast blasts. But that is just details, this noise has horrible live energy that wants to devour you! Each song has different parts, I mean you will have some groove, some blasts, and that mix creates a perfect picture. This is freaking cheerful material, play it loud! 9/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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