Junko Furuta / Statist

Today I want to unpack a small DIY release. This is a split CDr with US grinders Junko Furuta and Statist from Ukraine. I bet that both bands are not well known to our readers so it`s a nice opportunity to show their noise to the world. So let`s start.

Hm, and the Americans are lucky to open this split. Guys proved that even a duo can play harshly. Their grindcore is dense and loud. Yes, this music has not a brilliant production but this is what I like in Junko Furuta. The guitar has a pretty standard tone, but they are not boring at all. The crunchy sound of the bass makes a lot of atmospheres. Drums are cluttered a bit, but they are ok. And I think that fans of US hardcore will especially love this vocal, it`s brutal but without any effects, just nice screams.
Their Japanese-oriented themes/name and love for the guro hentai (which is really nasty shit) bring this image to life. The sushi mermaid looks very weird, but somehow it suits the music inside.

Statist attacks with a furious mix of grindcore, hardcore, and some strange metal. I love how guys used different noises from the web apps (Skype, ACQ, and so on), it underlines the name of this recording session (Your only offline friend) and the cover image. The general sound is interesting, as far as I know, everything was recorded on tape. That`s why the bass and guitar sound is a bit warm, but that is not a bad moment. Also, it`s cool that Statist is not playing only fast and blasting songs, they use different approaches, go and check “3 D-egradation” and you will understand everything. The last nail of this story is a cover on legendary S.O.D…

Rating: 8/10  Statist fb    Junko Furuta fb

You can listen to the whole split HERE!

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