Sick Destroyer – promo 2021

Sick Destroyer is one more name in the legion of the Czech grindcore scene. This promo is something like a sneak peek at their future splits with US noise monsters Reeking Cross, Tantalum, and Czech bombers Insistent. This material is short (all tracks are under 1 minute) but very powerful and live.
Sorry to say but, I don`t know the artist who drew this art, but he did a damn sick job! This rotten remains and maggots in the suit remind us how people can hide their real faces behind the good looks. Really lovely cover…

The music part of this cassette release is very strong. This is traditional grindcore with all its attributes. Many of you could say that “there is nothing new, this is just another grind band”, but I disagree. Because the main thing in this work is its live energy and aggression. You can play the fastest blast beats in the world or the coolest riffs but without live fire, your noise will be boring and blank.
Sick Destroyer managed to destroy the minds of the listeners with wild speed, savage vocals, buzzing guitar sound, and nice classical (I meant classical sound, without triggers) blasts. Just put this tape into your player and you will be grinded by this music!

Rating: 8/10     Sick Destroyer bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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