Nganga – Duct Tape on Eyes and Mouth

“London is the capital of Great Britain!” 😉 And it`s also a city of good grind squads and festivals. As you may know, GB is full of cool bands, and today I want to introduce you Nganga – a new grind name in the UK underground. The name of this band is a term for herbalist or spiritual healer in many African societies, and the cover image of this tape release looks like a bad trip after some special herbs, haha!
Guys call their style “Matamoronic deathgore”, not sure what the hell that means but these 4 guys know how to play grind. Nganga gently mixes grindcore with death metal, but our friends don’t forget about the punk. And that`s why this debut release sounds really interesting and very old school, with nice kick-ass energy. We have here only 4 songs but as for the first EP it`s enough, enough to understand every aspect of Nganga`s music.
In this case, the tape format highlights all elements of this record session. A raw sound sounds better, buzzing guitars louder, and so on. And it`s simply pleasant to hold it in your hands.

I am afraid that this small cassette may be lost in tons of fresh releases, but if you read this, give a chance to this EP, you will be surprised. This atmospheric noise is worth your time and support!

Rating: 8/10  Nganga bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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