Endless Bore / Numbskull

I bet that most of you missed this small release, right? And today I want to make amends for this oversight. Both bands are from Australia, both are playing extreme kinds of hardcore…
Well yes maybe this tape looks like many other fast releases but to be honest this one hooked me up with its insane energy and sincerity.

Endless Bore starts this fight. What can I say, their hardcore have a great charge of groove and energy. Actually, this is more thrashcore than classical hardcore, but anyway, this noise is hot! Believe me, these are awesome tunes for the mosh party. Nice sound, good loud vocal, good punk tone of the guitar, and so on. Also, I love the intro of the “Indelicate” that funny pause allows you to take another breath before Endless Bore will hit you again!

Guys from Numbskull show us more powerviolence/fastcore side of the hardcore genre. Fast/stop structures, wicked energy, and aggression. All tracks are short and very punchy, it`s like 8 short rounds on the ring, haha! I love that Numbskull managed to save live energy during the recording, and that`s why this music sounds so cool and fresh. Ah yes, I need to highlight the last song “Poster” this is an awesome example of love for punk rock!

Rating: 8/10  Endless Bore bc  /  Numbskull bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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