Stheno (15.10.21)

Well, 3, 2, 1… Go! Good day my friend, it was a long time ago since we talked last time, how are you been and the things in Stheno are going?

Hello, my brother! Yes been few years since the last time! Things are cool during this covid madness, but we use this lockdown shit to make our best record! So for Stheno things are great I must say.

My congrats on the new album “Wardance” is really awesome! It’s really a kick in the teeth. How was it accepted by the world of underground music? Got great feedback? Was it hard to make such juicy material? 😊

.Thanx a lot for your words I’m glad you like it, I love it too haha. Feedback is amazing, the first time we have so huge hugs worldwide. Wasn’t hard my friend, this time all album was straight from the heart, we hit the studio and we said this time will be war! And here we are!

How did you get a deal with 7Degrees rec? Are the label making enough promo for Stheno? Are you satisfied with all terms of the contract?

We have a contact with a few labels and we were close to cooperate with another label but hey hey when Simon from 7degrees gave us the chance to his label…fuck yes this label is a killer! The promo is great the deal is great and Simon should give a seminar out there to many label bosses on how they should behave to a band. We are totally satisfied couldn’t be better, cheers Simon!

You were silent for 4 years, were there any problems? The band was on hold right?

Yes, we had nothing to give nothing to say so we didn’t want to make songs just to say “hey we’re still here and making some new bullshit for you”. I think when a band has nothing fresh to give first to themselves and then to the people out there should stop. Now the beast is awake and making noise again!

How much does it take for you to start and finish all tracks (including the studio work)?

Actually, I don’t remember exactly about all the work, the recording was around five days and around one month the final mix/master production.

How was the recording? Do you usually work with the same team (in the studio) after all those years?

Yes absolutely yes! The same people, our friend Kostas here in Volos at DFS studio and Stelios Koslidis for all production, we never change Stelios is a part of the band and this time he took all production on him and was great results!

Do you have long-term plans for the band or you’re just enjoying the moment? 😊

We’re enjoying the moment, no plans with all this covid shit around, let’s see 2022 hope things will get better so we can sort a tour or something. If not maybe a new record or maybe a split with some other soldiers! haha

In your “noise” you`re mixing grindcore with metal and some other extreme genres. On this LP I heard a lot of influence of Black Metal. So what are your famous bands in metal music? And which bands are inspiring you to write new songs?

You are right this record is more black metal feeling, it was the only way to be more aggressive so black metal and grind are all we have! It’s like Marduk meets rotten sound or In Battle meets Retaliation, this is what we want to do, maybe next we will do it better haha but for now we ok with it! Of course, bands like Angelcorpse, impaled Nazarene, Anaal Nathrakh, Wolfbrigade, Phobia, Keitzer, and many more are bands we love for years. So the inspiration came by itself without searching inside us.

Are you still in touch with bands you performed with on a stage?

With a few yes we still have a contact like World Downfall (r.i.p) for example, with the most not at all, there is no reason if you don’t like the people to just have a contact, its like you are fooling yourself.

Let’s talk about something else. Imagine this: 2 hours before the end of the world, and you have time to listen to 2 of your favorite albums and to drink some beer, what albums would it be?

Easy question! Hahaha.. fucking difficult! Hmm… I think Slayer – Reign in blood and probably Motorhead – Bastards. These two albums I love since I was at school so this is it!

That’s all for now, thanks for doing the interview. Hope to meet you somewhere in Europe next year! Keep up the great work with Stheno!

Thanx a lot brother you are always welcome to the Stheno territory you helping us a lot since the start of the band! Hope to see you soon too, maybe in a warzone somewhere! Haha, cheers my friend Alex!

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