Eastwood – Antibiose

We talked about German grindcore so many times, we did so many interviews with and reviews on… but that damn country surprises me each fucking time, haha! And here we are again, haha, fresh blasting madness right into your face! Ok ok, Eastwood is not a new name (guys are active for almost 10 years) but, they managed to record/release a full album only this year. But better late than never, hehe)
So Antibiose is a pack with 17 hyper-blasting songs and with interesting cover art. The artist drew something like microphotography of… damn I don`t have a clue wtf it is, haha). But this approach working and looks fantastic! Black and grey colors always look great together, this is a win-win combination.
Strange thing, there is no CD version of this record, guys released vinyl and tapes only. It`s not too comfortable if you want to listen to “Antibiose” in your car, but we have what we have.

Hmm, I can`t say that this is typical German grindcore, guys really love the Scandinavian grind scene, and I hear and feel that in all these tracks. The sound production is really good, the sound itself is sharp and pretty clean (with a bit of metal taste)… but this kind of sound works only with modern grindcore (like in our case), for example, if you`re playing old-school grindcore, you`ll be needed more dirty sound. The guitar work is awesome, fast riffs simply tearing pieces off your mind, ha! Vocals are pretty usual (but don’t get me wrong), we have here growl and screams, nothing outstanding but the guys did a good job, and together with massive buzzing riffs and heavy bass the vocals sound brilliant. As for the drums, the guys cheated here a little bit. Why? Because they involved Mak of Warfuck, and that man is a monster of blast beats, haha! That`s why all drums sound so insane and professional. You can catch almost every beat, cool huh?
Eastwood created a really heavy album, that can smash and annihilate your hearing and mental stability! So play it loud boys and girls!

Rating: 8/10    Eastwood bc    Eastwood fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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