Slund (07.10.22)

Hi, Igor! Glad to have had this conversation with you. How’re you doing man? Hope you`re healthy and practicing new songs!))

Hi. Thanks for inviting me to this interview. I’m ok, healthy but very busy at the moment (not music-related). I’m making a little less music right now because of some personal life stuff. But yeah, there are new songs…

So could you tell us more about Slund. As far as I remember you doing all noises alone…

Yes, I play all the instruments myself.

It started about 5 years ago. I was in between projects and bands and wasn’t happy with the direction, so I decided to make an album where I would just play whatever I wanted. I had no plans in releasing it, so the album (Call Of Agony) was just sitting on my computer for about 4 months. Then in the end I just released it before deleting it and that’s how it started.

I started putting some more effort into the next releases but for some reason, people still liked that first record which, by the way, was written and recorded in about a week. I personally think this is my weakest release but to each his own.

Let’s talk about the music. Last year you released your 3d full length, must say that work is impressive. And it`s been a year since that, so how do you feel about “Slund ‘Em All”, and what do people say about that LP?

I don’t know what people say, i get very little feedback, but according to youtube comments some like it.

I personally like that record (a lot more than the first one), i was working on it for about a year.
There’s a lot of hints about hip hop acts that i like hidden in the lyrics, so some feedback would be cool. I’m curious how many people got it.

You`re also love to make small experiments and add other genres to your grindcore, for example, your last EP has a lot of sludge, and that combo is bright as fuck, haha! So tell us a bit about your music taste and the work on new songs in general.

Yes, I do. And the next full length will have some really unexpected genres mixed in. I’m actually still thinking if I should even release it because it’s so different than anything else I’ve done with Slund. It’s like a post-hardcore or post-metal version of Slund.

I like it A LOT but it’s very different, probably too different for grind fans. But it’s something I wanted to do for a long time and will probably do again (if anyone likes it) because it was a lot of fun making it.
I am not changing my style permanently or anything like that, it’s just something different for a change. After that, it’s right back to the usual smooth jazz slundcore, haha.
Also, I’ve been thinking about doing some clean vocals here and there but I think people would hate it. I don’t know… i’ve tried some singing on the covers album but didn’t really see any comments about that.
And about my music taste, I listen to all kinds of music from Stevie Wonder to Coltrane to Sparks or whatever. Grind is like 1 out of 20 genres i like.

I like good but also weird stuff.

Weird but I`m not so familiar with a scene of your country, I only remember Extreme Smoke, and that`s pretty much all. Could you provide us with a short story about the extreme underground in Slovenia and it also will be great to hear a few new (for me of course) bands too.

Sorry, I know about as much as you do… We’re a very small country so there’s not a lot. And I’m not really interested in any scenes so I’m not the right guy to ask.
There’s one band that I like, they are called Balans(completely not grindcore related).

Also, there is one rapper that I like. He just recorded his album after many years and I was fortunate enough to contribute a song.
I’ve actually been a fan of his since I was 12.

What’s your point of view on the grind scene these days?

Sorry, I’m not up to date. I like the latest Yacøpsæ release and I don’t think I even listened to anything else in that direction lately. Oh man, this will be the most boring interview, i’m sorry.

Do you ever think about making live gigs with Slund? Maybe you could find a few temporary musicians?

I have thought about it, but right now I don’t have the time (I’m expecting a baby, in between houses and other big personal stuff).

Maybe in the future but probably not.

I know that Slund is not only the one band of yours. Could you give us some info about your current and past projects, please?

Right now Slund is my only grind project. I had a few other projects which i had to leave due to lack of time. I have a few other projects but don’t really wanna talk about them as it will probably scare some Slund fans off, haha.

What artworks do you like the most? Drawn or taken from the real photographs? Do you have favorite artists and writers in gring/extreme style?

I guess I like drawn more but can’t draw myself. The only artist I know is a friend from Sweden, Jhonny Roadkill. I really like his covers. He made 2 or 3 t-shirt designs for Slund.

What’re the pros & contras in activity in the music band?

I’m not in any band anymore because in the end I could only see the negative sides. In my case there was always someone in the band who was holding it back by not writing or not showing up for rehearsal or whatever. It’s hard when you take it seriously but others don’t and the years just pass by without anything happening. Any band I was ever in needed years to complete an album and then someone would quit or something. That’s why I gave up bands about 5 or so years ago.

You`re very active with your noise. Slund`s discography is huge, each year you released a lot of nice things. I bet you have something new finished or in the works, please share it with us.

Yes, I do. Right now I’m working on a split with Corrodent. There’s also another split but we’ve just talked about it, no serious plans yet.

And then there’s this album which I’m not yet sure if I should release or not because it’s so different. I probably will…

And I think that’s gonna be it for a while (i hope not) as I’m getting a child. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to squeeze in some recording time…

Thank you so much for this small talk Igor, cheers, and hugs!

Thank you, cheers!

Contacts: bandcamp / facebook / official site

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