Agathocles / Heraclides

This tape showed up just a day ago, my mailman kindly delivered it right into my hands. This is a very fresh release with iconic Agathocles and new blood from Singapore – Heraclides. The tape is damn short but interesting and cheerful.
Belgian mince veterans start this split with damn raw song. Guys used only two songs for this work… and I don`t really know what to say about it, because I`ve talked about this band so many times, haha. So the sound is freaking raw, the first track “Piss On Flemish Myths ” is aggressive and nice, nothing outstanding, but good. The second song “Spit” is funny and a bit stupid, it sounds like a joke about 77 punk (but maybe I`m wrong). And that`s it.

Heraclides is new for us but guys are fucking rules! Yes guys love mince and they have all attributes of this genre but, these maniacs making noise in their own style. For example, the first songs have massive riffs from old Godzilla movies (soundtrack of course). All other songs have more grindcore in them and that is f***k sick! Short, memorable songs with dirty sound and buzzing riffs. The guys really did their best and they managed to spit a really decent material. This is a great beginning and I will keep an eye on this band.
If you love mince, this is the tape that you`re looking for! Don`t sleep on this one boys and girls!

Rating: AG: 7/10    Heraclides: 8/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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