Italians who don’t know how to have fun released a new EP! I remember this band since they released their debut 1 sided LP… and must say that new material is f***g amazing! With each new release, the powerviolence of this band becomes stronger and stronger. Don`t be fooled with such simple cover art… the main hell is inside!

When the needle touches that pink (yep the record is pink) surface, uhhh, everything begins. This music is so intensive, fast, and ridiculously angry, damn, I love it! It`s a huge punch right into your face, ha! “II” has all attributes and ingredients of the genre, and of course there is nothing new that you can do in pure powerviolence, but hey the guys put all of themselves into this record! The energy is incredible, the sound is great too, the same with the atmosphere! The tone of the guitar has damn good hardcore style, which is cool. Drums are loud and fast… two different vocals are very traditional (as for pv), but guys tried to spit their lungs off and you can feel that haha!
In the end, I can only say one thing. This is the finest shit for the big riot against some bad guys!

Rating: 8,5/10    ANF bc    ANF fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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