System Collapse – From Arrogance To Ruins

From Arrogance To Ruins is a 3d release from the young German punks System Collapse. Guys are playing blackened crust with strong influences from Tragedy, M40, and mode aggressive crust like Vision of War. This tape has a typical design for the crust genre. Black and white colors, the image of the huge factory that is polluting our air, and so on. Looks like guys printed these cassettes only for friends and for promotion because there were made only 30 copies. Anyway despite the modesty, the release looks good.

This story begins with a really nice and atmospheric intro, these dystopian melodies are very cool. Then guys switched to the more aggressive d-beat crust, which is very positive. Vocals and drums sound nice. The atmosphere feels not so dark and deep but it is still here. But there is one question about the guitar sound. I found on Bandcamp that there is the guitar but everything here sounds more like dried to death (sorry) distorted bass. The sound of it really is bad for the general perception of this album. During the listening, I was always wanted to hear the more juicy sound of the string instrument. However, this is not the worst album of the year, I bet that guys are sounds much better on the stage.

Rating: 6.5/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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