Eastwood (20.08.21)

Check, check! How are you doing boys? Hope that you’re healthy and ready for the new adventures!

Yes, quite healthy and quite eager for new adventures, as soon as we can make them happen again.

First of all, I wanted to talk about your first full album. This is massive work and all 17 tracks sound like one big story. So what do you wanted to say with this LP? What is the main theme and concept?

Thanks, that means a lot to us, since creating a coherent picture was one of the things we aimed for with this record. We had no real plan how to achieve this, we just kept writing songs until we thought we could fill 20 minutes with good music with some variety and a good flow. Our lyrics don’t follow an elaborate concept, but they are mostly political, emancipatory, anti-fascist – sometimes in a very direct way, sometimes a bit more subtle and allegorical. Almost all of them deal on some level with asymmetric and exploitative relations, which is why we chose the metaphoric album title Antibiose. It’s German for antibiosis, the antithesis of symbiosis, and the lexicon definition we put on the back cover explains it as “a relation between individuals or collectives that is detrimental to one of them, inhibiting its growth or killing it off”.

Now Mak (of Warfuck) joined Eastwood, my congrats he is the very skillful guy. How do you like his work, and do you remember where and when did you meet him?

We first met Mak at Grind the Nazi Scum 2013, together with the rest of the Lyon blastbeat gang around Warfuck, Lovgun, Hørdür and so on. It was an absolutely great weekend with all of these guys, we had lots of fun together and we’ve been in close contact ever since. The sets of Eastwood and Lovgun from this festival were later released on a split tape, we toured France and Spain together with Lovgun for two weeks in the summer of 2016 (sidenote: don’t tour Spain in summer, the heat will kill you), and we also played many gigs with Warfuck over the years.

When we talked about a fitting replacement of our old drummer, we actually discussed that if we could choose our perfect drummer freely, we’d pick Mak. But we thought the distance could be a problem and that he probably doesn’t have enough time anyway for a second band next to Warfuck. So we didn’t even ask him and looked elsewhere instead. But just a few days later Mak wrote us a message saying something like “Hey, heard you need a new drummer, I’m your guy!” and we couldn’t believe our luck. He’s a monster on the drums, he did an amazing job with the album recordings, and it is so much fun to play live with him.

You’re playing damn fast kind of grindcore. Its important to warm up your voice and joins before the gig or rehearsal. So do you have any special tricks for it, that you can share with us?

For the instrumentalists: stretching and warm up exercises for about 20 minutes, also no more than 1 litre of beer before the gig.
For the vocalist: screaming into the mic during line check for about 20 seconds, also no less than 1 litre of beer before the gig.

It’s been a few months since the album was released. What feedback did you get from the people and how do you feel yourself about the “Antibiose”?

Many people tell us they like it, and we appreciate it a lot when others enjoy our noise. We also received some pretty flattering feedback from where we didn’t expect it at all. For example, Stereogum put our song Faser für Faser in their Top 10 of new heavy songs in July. In fact, they put us one place ahead of fucking Iron Maiden. That’s just hilarious, we laughed out loud when we saw that.

About ourselves: we first decided to make a full length record in 2014, so you see that it took us ridiculously long to actually finish it. But in the end it feels so satisfying that we pulled through with no compromise and ended up releasing a record that we will probably like and be happy with for the rest of our lives. We wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

Do you realize that next year you will celebrate your first big anniversary, 10 years on the stage? Time runs fast, doesn’t it?

Damn, we didn’t realize, but you’re right. Our motto is “play fast, work slow”, so we’re used to wondering where the fuck all that time has gone again. Let’s hope we’ll still be around in another ten years from now. With our current pace, we might even have a new record by then.

What are the roles of every member of the band? Who’s an author and who’s bringing’ a beer?

In most bands it’s the guitarist who comes up with the majority of the riffs and song ideas, and Eastwood is no exception there. The songs are then reworked and refined collectively at rehearsals, or at least that’s how it went back when we could actually rehearse on a regular basis. All of us contribute to the lyrics. But besides the music, there are also other roles at Eastwood Inc.: Our singer Domi is head of our logistics department, as he takes care of everything related to making and selling merch. Our bassist André is head of our art department, for example he made the drawings for our animated video clip and for the cover of the test press. Mak is head of our public relations department, as he is directly involved in our label LIXIVIAT records.

Why do you think grind bands so enjoy doing splits?

Because they’re lazy fucks who can’t handle writing a full length – isn’t that obvious? Seriously though, doing a release all DIY can be quite a challenge financially, so teaming up with another band can sometimes be the only affordable option of doing it at all. Also, the grind scene is really supportive and closely connected, like a big family. Therefore it just feels good and natural to share a release with a band that you’ve become friends with over the years.

The best role of Clint Eastwood is?

Definitely his appearance as Lab Technician Jennings in 1955’s “Revenge of the Creature”. Much better than that fascist cop he’s so famous for. By the way, this is also the reason why we have Eastwood patches using a picture of the creature from the black lagoon.

Big hugs boys! Thank you for this small talk, hope to meet you in the pit somewhere next year!

Thank you for listening to our rambling. Can’t wait to share some drinks with you at a festival or something.

Contacts: Bandcamp page      Facebook page

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