Cancerous Social Thoughts – Distopia

Hard to believe but I didn’t know anything about the grind scene of Paraguay, till this day. Here is a young trio that started 4 years ago, for this release they recorded 11 old school songs. And thanks to Wise Grinds Records I`m holding this tape in my hands. What can I say, this is a flashback to the roots of the genre. The guys managed to create material with old spirit, sound, and riffs.
The tape has old fashioned design (gas mask, air pollution, and so on) and a nice color balance, the green shell of the cassette looks really nice!

The material has great low sound and cool structures. Among blast beats, you will find some thrash metal groove and good old punk. This EP is short but all songs are cheerful and unboring. I`m really glad that I discovered this band!
The guitar sound has a pleasant buzzing sound and heavy tone. The drums are good, you can clearly hear all cymbals and drums (and this is not a usual thing for such genre). As for the vocal, the guys used a few approaches. The main vocal is damn extreme, it`s more gory, and reminds me of early Dead Infection, the second one is more usual screaming.
Of course, generally, guys didn’t invent anything new, but they do have a fire! So if you`re in a thirst for the good old-school grind, then this small tape is exactly for you!

Rating: 8/10    Cancerous Social Thoughts fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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