Rot (02.08.21)

Greetings Mendigo! First of all, my condolences and hugs, Alex was a super kind person, I still can’t believe that he is gone…

Thank you, we’re still processing what happened. It was extremely painful for us and for the Brazilian scene, Alex was really involved with underground culture in our country.

I know that “Organic” will be dedicate to him, so let`s focus on this album. How many songs did record for this LP? How long you been in the studio?

The disc has 25 songs, we recorded the instrumental in two days and the vocals in two days more. The mixing part went a little slower, in different days and at different times, in total, I think it all adds up to a whole week.

The art reminds me your old album “A Long Cold Stare”. Is there any connections between them? And what can you tell us about the whole concept of “Organic”?

The only connection between “A Long Cold Stare” and “Organic” are their similar concepts. We went out of a social model where we could only see the tip of the problems, from a desert of ideas in which fascism took over entirely. I’m delighted you could notice how we went from an extreme to another art-wise, because that was our intention. Relating to the title chosen for the album, it comes from the ascension of an artificial, polished Grindcore scene, totally absorbed by the media and overlapping itself with the metal genre. We want to distance ourselves from that, we want to show how Grindcore is a simple, contesting lifestyle, one that is born from rage and brutality organically.

This album will be released in Brazil and in Europe. Could you give us more info about it?

We’re glad that happened. Never before we had a double release in two different continents (or even countries) like that. It’s a wonderful opportunity to reach those who enjoy our music.

Could we take a cold good beer, and talk about the origin of Rot?) Do you remember the beginning? What has been the most successful moment?

Yes of course. There were difficult moments, the difficulty of finding a place to rehearse, of buying instruments that were expensive and of low quality, of getting from one city to another to play gigs. There were moments of great learning

Sorry for this personal question, but will you continue to play grindcore? Will Rot stay with us?

Be assured that yes, Rot will continue! That’s what Alex would’ve wanted. We’ve been rehearsing with Diego (Ex- Social Chaos and Cruel Face) and so far things have been going smoothly, until the end of the year we’ll probably recording something.

What`s about the re-issue of old stuff? I saw that your old split with Depression was released just a month ago, but that`s about other rare stuff?

Our Split with Depression has been released in Tape, and it looks great. A beautiful homage to our brother Alex Bucho, a fantastic item. After the release of A Cruel Face Of Life LP in Europe and the Digipack CD in Mexico and Brasil, we’ll be taking measures for Sociopathic Behavior to be released in CD, Digipack and LP in Brazil and Mexico before November this year. Our split with Yacopsae will be coming out in December in Europe.

This year is Rot 30 anniversary, my honest congrats! How do you feel about this date and all these years of activity?

I’m tired and fucked up. But there’s a feeling of accomplishment, of hard and honest work being almost completed. I say almost because I’m still out there, the Old Dirty Grindcore making some noise. Such a shame the pandemic stole away our 30th birthday party, so many plans we had went down the drain. We’ll sure be better prepared for our 35th prarty.

What can you tell us about Brazilian underground? I mean in comparing then and now. Is it became easier to make a gig or order a studio are there still some old problems?

Relating to the bands, we have several. Not only in Grindcore, but also in punk culture in general. Here there’ll always be a big and fertile field for the subculture. Several things have Improved with time, today we have way more studios available to play in, due to the pandemic, though, several of these laces had to shut its doors, as unfortunate as that is; Still, we’ve got several more musicians and active people around. Due to Brazil being such a continental place. It gets more difficult to build a circuit, a script for the bands to circulate in, without even getting started in the money issue. Most people here are paid only a minimum wage that’s barely enough to sustain themselves.

Do you have bands in mind in your area we should check? Bands that are important to you.

Damn, a lot! I think the youth and all the newcomers to the Grindcore scene should look to the “organic” where everything started: Sore Throat, Fear of God, Electro Hippies, Heresy, Ripcord, Napalm Death Old, Cryptic Slaughter, Cacofonia, Rapt, Tarveet Kadett, etc. So many bands are out there to be discovered!

Thank you so much my friend! Hope to meet you once again soon! Viva Rot!

Thank you so much, friend. I, too, hope to see you soon, sit down, tell some stories and share a beer. Take care!

Contacts:  Rot Bandcamp –  Rot Facebook

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