Dirty flashbacks from the grindest days! The full report, OEF 2021!

Have you heard the news? Both Branson and Bezos have now gone to space. Guess what? None of these posers attended Obscene Extreme Festival 2021. But we did. Was it worth it? Oh yes! As you might know the situation in the world today is very unstable and uncertain and we hadn`t had any fun for a long time, so we were really hungry for live shows and festivals. The moment Obscene Extreme Festival announced Schirenc plays Pungent Stench I already knew – we`re going to the Czech Republic! Further announcements only strengthened our determination to get there this year. So we bought the tickets and brought in some more friends. All twelve of them were Obscene Extreme first-timers and I promised that they would love the festival and its unique atmosphere! And I was right, but more on that later.
   The travel went smooth and we arrived on the evening of the day one. The schedule was delayed, so we got to see Needful Things, Putrid Offal and mighty Spasm! Btw, the Spasm boys just released new album, check it out. After such an intense beginning we had to take a break. We checked merch and beer tents and discovered really nice non-alcoholic NEIPA, tasty and full of hops. A good addition for those of us who want to quench a thirst without being hammered.

My most anticipated band of day one was Squash Bowels and they didn`t disappoint. I`ve been a fan since their demo days and it`s always a pleasure to witness the power of old school gore. I was looking forward to see Mincing Fury but it was not gonna happen – all of us were really tired. We caught a bit of Cenotaph brutality but that was it.

The second day started for me with an intense performance of Impulsealer – a two-piece grind band from the Czech Republic with a Rotten Sound vibe, which is not a bad thing in my book. It`s like a caffeine shot without nervousness, jitteriness, and other side effects.

As you might already know Fleshcrawl vocalist Sven Gross lost his battle with cancer not long before Obscene Extreme 2021, so his bandmates we`re going to celebrate his life with help from the fans on the stage of Obscene Extreme Festival. And they succeed! The crowd went crazy and a bunch of fans ended up on the stage. RIP Sven.

And now It`s time to destroy the stage – Yacopsae and Schirenc play Pungent Stench! Guys, I don`t have much to say, really. Both bands were amazing and you should have been there. Our Latvian team enjoyed Pungent Stench tunes and were prepared for day three when things got out of hand for real.

 The lineup for day three was very balanced. From old school gore Sick Sinus Syndrome(sick band, check them out!) to melodic blackened death veterans God Dethroned. During the set of God Dethroned a couple of fans from our squad performed an extreme skin flute symphony that was well received by the band.
   Gride was cool and naked people appeared on the stage, but it was just a warm-up. Naked boys reached their full potential with the first chords of godly Been Caught Buttering. The real sausage fest began!

   Words can’t even begin to express how much love I have for Pungent Stench. It was the perfect final act for Obscene Extreme Festival 2021. Viva la Muerte!

After the festival I asked my friend Andrey about his first OEF experience:
   As a first-time goer to OE I already expected it to be insane just from the videos on the internet. Well, my expectations were surpassed! 3 days of amazing extreme music, great beer and fantastic people!

   I bought a ticket right after they announced that Martin Schirenc,the original guitarist/vocalist of the Austrian legends Pungent Stench will be playing the aforementioned band`s first two albums in their entirety. However, that was not the only killer performance at the festival ! Anyone who loves extreme music will find something to his liking at OE. Squash Bowels, Skelethal, Fleshcrawl and Spasm were my highlights, all delivering killer sets. My personal favorite band discovery was Sick Sinus Syndrome, total old school Carcass worship!

I also really liked the festival site in general. First of all, it`s quite compact, compared to other even smaller festivals that I have been to. This is quite convenient because everything is nearby and there is no need to walk long distances after going to the toilet, grabbing a beer, merch etc. The fact that the stage is near the hill is also really nice. If you get tired after all the rage you can sit on the bench or on the grass uphill and still have a perfect view on the band.

So what are you waiting for? Buy the ticket!

Do yourself a favor and visit this beautiful freak-friendly festival at least once.

Contacts: Official site   Fb page

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