Konsensus – New Age Of Terror

Today I want to talk about the debut EP from one interesting Greek band. Konsensus is just one man mechanism, but that dude managed to create a very nice noise. Visually this release looks pretty premitive. Photo of man with gas mask… simple logo and DIY CDr… But it`s just a debut release so I don`t want to judge it too hard.

This Greek maniac recorded 6, more or less, short songs, not much, but that is more than enough to get acquainted with “New Age Of Terror”. First of all I want to notice that this guy is a huge fan of old grindcore, I can even small the influanses from different and iconic bands, hehe) General sound has a good quality and dynamic, this not a “basemet production” but not a “candy” as well… I think the strongest part of this EP are the guitar sounf and vocal. You won`t fing a new approaches, or some wild xperiments, but this buzzing blast sounds good. The drums are digital, but this drum machine sounds ecceptable. Like the other grindcore bands Konsensus has a strong social lyric, and that how grindcore should be.
I won`t say that this is a release of the year, but this is a strong and nice debut. Let’s wait and see what this project will bring us in the future.

Rating: 7/10    Konsensus bc 

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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