VHS – Gore From Beyond the Stars

Canadian horror maniacs are here to smash us with their 4th full length! Must say “Gore From Beyond the Stars” surprised me. This is very balanced, atmospheric, interesting, and funny work. Cover art is worthy of review as well. Green as hell, with a classical cosmic horror theme, a great melting astronaut, maybe I`m sick, but this image makes me smile, haha!

I think this album is a top work in VHS discography. Excellent guitar and bass sound, great solos, simple but great riffing, and absolutely unboring material! Deep and ugly growl, which tells us the story about different creatures from the cool old movie and many other badass characters. Drums sounds pretty old school, which is my favorite way of drum sound! The whole album is overdosed with good songs but my favorite is “Earth Girls Are Easy”. Yes, that is not a deathgrind song, it`s heavy metal one, but it sounds so bloody good! A mix of high vocal with growl is amazing, and these guitar solos, god damn haha!

VHS are horror freaks and they are playing for the same freaks as them are. So if you love good and heavy music, old movies and good jokes, this will become you`re favorite!

Rating: 9/10    VHS fb    VHS bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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